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This game was pretty awesome to play. It does need a lot of work though but it has so much potential to be a Jet Set Radio spiritual successor.

1. The grinding in the game needs to potentially have bigger collisions because trying to grind on some of the rails were hard to do due to how slim the collision boxes are.

2. The controls need to be refined a bit more especially on keyboard and mouse. I tryed  on keyboard and mouse at first and it just wouldn't let me get past the language select so I just ended up using a controller which was fine. After a few minutes I got used to the controls in the game.

3. There needs to be more control over the character. Two examples of this is braking and in air control. Braking the character was very hard to do if you has a lot of momemtum which then you would just end up in a wall trying to get out. I did figure out that you could turn the stick 90 degrees to make the character break but it felt clunky. Next was in air control. The player had very limited in air control over the character which made it hard to know exactly where you wanted the character to go. There needs to be a bit of in air control for the player so that they have an easier time of comboing those grinds together but not so much that the player can turn and easily control the character in the air. Just a small adjustment can make all of the difference.

4. Not a big deal but the NPC character models need to be fleshed out more. I know that they will probably be fleshed out in upcoming updates to the game but they are mostly just basic.

5. I don't mention this in my video because I didn't know about it till after I recorded and had a play around more with the game but the pause menu didn't work for me when I tried to select the options in the menu. It would allow me to change tabs but when I pressed A to select it would just make the character jump and back out of the menu. Also, then the character is facing the camera, the menu appears behind the character which makes impossible to see the menu without turning the character around.

I go into more detail in my video but even though this is a very early access, it has a lot of potential. Maybe even the potential to be a kick starter project rather than an and patreon because it seems like you have really put thought into this game which is not typical of an game. Also, I want to see more features in the game like in the screenshots and I go into what features I feel the game could do more with. They are mostly mid development features like being able to do more tricks with the character ect but its just a thought. I hope to see a lot more of this game and I hope you don't take the criticism in a bad way because I do want you to do well in the development of this game because it has so much potential. Good luck with your journey and I hope to hear your thoughts on what I have reviewed so far. If you want anyone to test out the game and maybe have some input into the game then feel free to e-mail me. The e-mail is on my channel. 

Wow thanks for playing, recording, and giving useful feedback!

1. We will tweak both the grinding collisions width and air control, we don't want this to be too easy neither but maybe right now it is adjusted to our own level, (people who plays the game everyday to work on it) making it very hard to normal new players.

2. Yes, the keyboard and mouse was a bit neglected and it is my own fault. I did not and still don't have a clear vision on how to make it feel good, but I'll keep thinking on what I can do about that.

3. Well, I did put this secret input Lt+Rt (rmb+lmb) when going faster than 15km/h. However I think braking by orienting yourself 90 degrees is the real way to go, both in style and game feel, but maybe this is more a subjective opinion than I thought. I will also increase slightly air control, as mentionned on 1. Thanks for your input there. :)

4. Yeah, we'll work on that. Tiny team, big project, no fundings, but we'll make it. :)

5. Yes you found that too. This is the unfinished Drone menu. The camera is actually a drone following you everywhere that you can customize and upgrade. The code is ready but the features aren't implemented yet. I feel a bit sorry to put so much unfinished things, but as the message on the bottom of the screen reads,  everything is still work in progress. I'll fix that soon.

In any case, thank you for the help, I welcome all criticism that explains why, like the ones you give. It is very helpful. ;)


I know its still a very early demo of the game which is why I didn't go too hard in my review of the game. Most of the tweaks are just thoughts I had while playing the game and being a game developer myself and having been to college to train as a game developer, these are just a few tweaks I thought of coming from a developers and a players point of view. The game has potential but it is still a long way from the final product. Hope it all goes well in the future for you and your team.