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Crashing bug on actual Playdate hardware:

In world 4, there are platforms that move when you shake your playdate. If you stand on one of those platforms, then shake the playdate, the platform will move out from underneath you. This will kill you and then crash the game. Crashing also triggers the "next" level unlock bug mentioned above.

As another piece of feedback, the crank inputs are too sensitive in this game. It is difficult to move a crank platform just one tile.

Otherwise, I'm digging it so far!

Thank you so much for letting me know! It was a pretty obscure bug, it actually only crashed if you did that on a level with a shark on it and honestly I'm not sure why but I did manage to fix it.

I have adjusted the crank speed, it is now three times less sensitive, so please let me know if it is still too fast.

Version 1.2 is now available for download and has both these fixed and the level save bug fixed too.

Also congratulations on making it to world 4! Great work!

Thank for the fixes! One more issue to report before I grab the version update - level 4-9 has been crashing for me on every death. 

I can confirm the level save bug is fixed on real hardware! The crank feels better too.

I can't remember what level had the crash I originally reported, so I can't verify that fix.

I am still getting a crash every time I die on 4-9:

Fatal: Unable to get tile at 12,18

Just finished the game! I enjoyed this! Thank you for making it!

Thank you for playing it!

I will find the bug on 4-9 and fix it.

Found, squashed, 1.3 uploaded