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Haven't solved it yet, but I dig the idea! FYI, this game is still searchable. To fix that, go to and select "Edit" for your game. Select "Visibility & Access" > "Public". In the "Public access settings" box, check "Unlisted in search & browse".

Two pieces of feedback before this launches for the calendar. First, I'd recommend adding checkpoints after each puzzle solve using the Puzzlescript CHECKPOINT command so players can restart each puzzle without resetting the entire thing. Second, I'd recommend increasing the viewport dimensions in your itch project settings. It's tiny right now!

Good stuff! Congrats on making your first game!

When I started creating this, I tried to go that "something smarter" route, but I quickly found that I needed more specific implementations of crate types to allow for chained behaviors. 

Thank you, I'm glad you like it! I'm proud of this game and it's twists and learned a lot about PuzzleScript while making it. I don't know that I'll make a sequel (maybe a level pack?), but I'll definitely be making more PuzzleScript games in the future.

You (and anyone) are welcome to crack open the source code and make/share levels if you have ideas you'd like to explore.

Keep going!

Thank you!

Yes, this is solvable. There's not much more to it than what you presumably discovered.

You're on the right track.

Thank you! Can I ask how far you've gotten?

Just finished the game! I enjoyed this! Thank you for making it!

I can confirm the level save bug is fixed on real hardware! The crank feels better too.

I can't remember what level had the crash I originally reported, so I can't verify that fix.

I am still getting a crash every time I die on 4-9:

Fatal: Unable to get tile at 12,18

Thank for the fixes! One more issue to report before I grab the version update - level 4-9 has been crashing for me on every death. 

Crashing bug on actual Playdate hardware:

In world 4, there are platforms that move when you shake your playdate. If you stand on one of those platforms, then shake the playdate, the platform will move out from underneath you. This will kill you and then crash the game. Crashing also triggers the "next" level unlock bug mentioned above.

As another piece of feedback, the crank inputs are too sensitive in this game. It is difficult to move a crank platform just one tile.

Otherwise, I'm digging it so far!

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Fantastic game! I finished every challenge! Thank you for this!