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Great idea! This is now that thread.

Want to make fan art??? Download all the voxel models from this link!
Post cool variants, arrangements or concept art in this forum!

The zip contains Qubicle files, as well as FBX exports.

NOTE: They are Copyrighted by Doborog Games (2016), and commercial use is not allowed.

If you want to see your models in the game:

  • Make a forum post here to show everyone your cool work!
  • Send them to erik [at] doborog .dot. com
  • Give Doborog Games full rights to use, change or be inspired by them, without rendering any payment to you whatsoever, except for gratitude and praise.
  • I may not use them, even if they're amazing. Nothing personal! :)

Have fun!


this is great! Thanks so much :)


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I think this post needs to be updated with new files.... You added lots of new stuff since writing this post...........