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  1. Garbage robots are meant to die easier than they do right now. That said, the cool thing that would happen when you kill one isn't in the game so I'm gonna leave them for now. :)
  2. Yes, expanding on dismemberment is certainly possible. Right now my rule of thumb is: if it can't kill you anymore, it's dead. Had some swordless robots just running at you for a while. It was confusing.

Weaponless robots could still kick the player and function as distractions. They could also be given a way to grab onto the player and restrict movement. Even robots who have lost both legs could crawl at the player to try and latch on. The dismemberment is a huge part of the game IMO so I'd love to see it expanded on.


Cool, that's good feedback! :)

It's a balance between the hilarious novelty of seeing a torso crawl at you like a terminator vs the satisfaction of killing enemies in a single spectacular stroke.

ive had it so you just amputate the legs of an archer and it dies. it could still kill you right?

What about adding spidertron grenades (but a bit weaker) for the player to drow, or a Hack abillity to make robots be knocked down, atack allies, or even a short circuit that deactivates for nearby robots for a short period? Not all these features, put on what is balanced.