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Overall this update is really enjoyable. A substantial amount of new content was added, and more progression in the storyline is most welcome. Well done!

That being said, there are definitely a couple of issues that could be addressed.

First, the Hammer: This weapon is extremely enjoyable to use... when it works. Which is only two-thirds of the time. I have found that an average of one in every three hits will do no damage, or very little damage to the enemy. I was under the impression that the hammers attack is supposed to be unblockable, but even if I am mistaken the lack of feedback is an issue. Combined with the tendency of the hammers horizontal swing to send an enemy flying off screen this results in a lot of (IMO) unfair backstabs from enemies that could be reasonably assumed dead. This inconsistency makes the hammer a lot less viable of a weapon choice.

Second, regarding the upgrade tree: The current system of purchasing upgrades and abilities is starting to feel overly restrictive. Some upgrades, such as the bow and hammer, require a huge investment despite being relatively situational tools. The "get up" ability is locked behind the kick. It punishes the player for trying to build certain types of characters by making them "waste" points. The system is overall pretty simplistic, and cant really scale with new content added. I would love to see it replaced with a more dynamic, player skill based system. For example: Make the enemies drop currency that can be spent on upgrades or clones, but disappears if not collected within a few moments. This would add a way to reward players for skillful combat and taking risks, while also presenting an opportunity to rework the upgrade shop into something more future-proof.

Hope this post did not come off as overly negative, just trying to give the most constructive feedback I can. I am really enjoying this update, and I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next! :]

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Weaponless robots could still kick the player and function as distractions. They could also be given a way to grab onto the player and restrict movement. Even robots who have lost both legs could crawl at the player to try and latch on. The dismemberment is a huge part of the game IMO so I'd love to see it expanded on.

Heavy Stance is the best stance. :] Even in this early state, clone drone already feels like a Jedi game. The physics are very similar, I would love to see some more movement options. Outmaneuvering enemies was one of the most satisfying parts of Academy.

I definitely agree the auto block is better suited to this game, although I'm not sold on the easy arrow deflection. I feel like there should be a limit to how many arrows you can block in a small time frame, or perhaps the arrows should unbalance you like sword strikes?

Do you plan on adding other weapons? I wouldn't want to see anything as abstract as dual wielding; but things like spears (replace overhead attack with thrust, smaller hitbox, no arrow deflection) , sword and board (significantly less stagger on block, limited reach, maybe shield bash instead of kick?), or heavier weapons like a warhammer (very slow, lots of stagger or even knockback on block). This game has so much potential, really excited to see where it goes! :]

They use wasd to control attack direction like your game, just a bit more complex. I believe attacking while moving away produces a thrust rather than a overhead attack, while blocking is manual and bound to right click. You should also look into Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy if you haven't played them before. They both did great things with mouse & keyboard melee combat. Jedi Academy in particular has a great system for activating special moves that could work well in Clone Drone.

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Just going to say I really enjoy the mount&blade style controls. Maybe make the original an option for advanced players?