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I won't answer your question, I just want to take this moment to say that when I started writing Mino Hotel back in 2019 I really wasn't prepared or aware of how lactation in many forms is a kink for people. It had never occurred to me that, for instance, people could be into udders. That was an interesting and funny discovery. It was also funny when I learned that a lot of the people who like Mino Hotel are into lactation.

Hopefully my answer was completely useless to you, and not at all revealing about anything in the story. I just really wanted to say that lactation Chads are nice and fun people.


So I take it we'll be able to unlock udders as customization option later down the road. Might there be a way to give other characters inside the hotel udders as well, like Oscar, for example? I think it'd be a funny ending haha. I mean, imagine them needing to be milked every morning because they produce so much more milk than they need. I think everyone would love this idea.