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There's a secret achievement linked to it- you have to play the speedrunner route and get to the Hinterlands chapter.

You'll see an option that isn't there for the other playthroughs. You have to waste all 7 days going to the location (you'll get different text each time), and an achievement for finishing it. This unlocks the purple fur option starting with chapter 14 for all playthroughs.

And yes we did put that there to fuck with Eddio.

Thank you for clearing this for me


To be more precise, what happened is that Eddio said "do it u wont" when I joked about P spending 7 days pissing on an anthill. I had no choice, I had to do it and prove him wrong.

Maybe it was him who messed with us. His trap was just too cunning.


You'll never know for sure... 🍹