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Optimistically: A little over a month
Realistically: 2 or 3 months
Worst-case scenario: Around the holidays

Thanks! Currently I'm between jobs so real life stability is taking a big priority in regards to progress.

However, the plan is that once the next update is released, there shouldn't be any more extremely long periods without content updates, as this update will contain all the mechanics and asset groundwork for the rest of the game. I don't want to say it'll be like straight up monthly or bimonthly updates, but it'll definitely be a goal.

Nope, it's not. One workaround is to do a fresh reinstall or try on another platform. Still trying to figure out the root cause for this

Yeah, the game doesn't respond well to button mashing (outside of the quicktime event that requires it). I've got a few ideas on what I can do to limit those kinds of glitches, so that should be fixable

Something like that happens occasionally and I'm still trying to find the root of the problem. Usually a fresh reinstallation will fix it, if not, try it on another platform

1) Yes!

and 2) Yes!! Both will be coming in later releases

Thanks! The update schedule is roughly every 1-2 months, but this upcoming release will be stretching towards the end of this month due to the amount of content being packed into it.