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Thanks! And that's an intentional feature, codex entries persist throughout playthroughs.

Thanks, and fixed!

There is a bug with it right now, I'm working on getting a hotfix out as soon as I can.

For now, the workaround (only works on PC/Mac) is to rollback to before the map comes up, open up the console with "CTRL + O"  and input "_dismiss_pause = True", then exit out of the console by inputting "exit"

It'll be on the 28th.

Thanks for the feedback.

There are plans for more diverging and exploratory content in the near future (as in, within the next couple updates). Choices are somewhat limited compared to other non-linear VNs at the moment due to it still being pretty early in the story, while mechanics/stats will become more fleshed out and integral to play as development continues. Consider currently available content to be a setup stage, or like a bridge between traditional VNs where it's 100% text-focused and a later stage of this game, where interactivity and choices between events will become much more prevalent.

Sort of.

Between towns, travelling will be more freeform and similar to how it was after leaving Redroot, but expanded upon since Killigan will have companions to journey with. Inside towns (like in current content), it's usually going to be more static, but more plot-focused. Mechanics, combat, etc. will come into play during both parts.

v.0.5 is out for patrons now, over on Patreon. v.0.5.1 will also be released on Patreon in a few days, capping off Day 3 from v.0.5's build, and will be released here/to the public once v.0.6 is released to patrons, at the end of April.

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That shouldn't be possible, unless you're playing on a save file that was started before v0.3 (which I strongly recommend not continuing on, if so). Either way, I'll add an additional failsafe measure for v0.5 that makes so that bug shouldn't happen after the prologue and completing Aris Day 2.

That's...a strange bug. What codex entry did you read and which part of the prologue did it send you back to?

There's only one dedicated saucy scene in the prologue, but another saucy bit before that that's a bit more sudden.

I'd recommend playing through the new prologue, as it contains a lot more fleshing out of Redroot, more depth into Killigan's backstory, and a few...saucier scenes.

Yes, it unlocks after a certain (very early) point in the prologue.

Ah okay, there's not much I can do about that. Exiting out of the screen or hovering over/selecting different equipment should fix it, if it's sticking around and not going away.

I'm not sure what you mean. The spare langou's stats seem to apply and get removed properly on my end. Or do you mean the tooltip window stays up?

Just early build. v0.4 (the one coming tomorrow) will also be uploaded here tomorrow, v0.5 onwards will follow a delayed schedule where patrons have access to the next build first, then a month later that build will be uploaded here (as the public build) while patrons get early access to the next new build

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Slight change of plans, it'll be coming tomorrow! The build's in testing right now and almost ready to be published, but I've put up a preview of its content in this post over on Patreon

Within the next few days, likely Friday

Once per month, during the last week of the month.

Yes! It'll be at 2PM EST

Thanks, and January 25th.

Thanks! And whoooops haha, that'll be fixed remedied in v0.3.1

It's not guaranteed, acting a certain way or failing enough times with the combat beforehand can cause it to not even be offered.

Mac (and everyone else) is coming back in the next update, v.0.3.1, as detailed in this devlog.

I've fixed this on my side, it'll be working properly once v.0.3.1 is released. For now, the workaround for the black screen issue is:

  • Open up the console with SHIFT + O
  • Type in "hide screen effect_punch" (without quotes)
  • Type in "exit" (without quotes) to exit the console

I've fixed this on my side, it'll be working properly once v.0.3.1 is released.

Patrons will get early access to builds after v0.3.1, yes. Even earlier access at the highest patron tier, with access to testing builds.

It might be on too old of an Android version to support playing it. Does it occur with other Ren'Py-based games?

Thanks! This is really cool and I'm flattered that you like it that much!

Very soon, I've finally gotten it packaged and I'm testing it right now to make sure there's no progress-blocking bugs.

Oh! Glad it worked out then haha

If you're not spamclicking through dialogue and don't have your cursor where the button is, it shouldn't immediately fail the QTE...which instance of combat does this happen at?

Sorry that happened! Which instance of combat did it occur at?

If you mean the one with 2 bars, wait for a second or two and try to time your button press with the bars colliding, signified by a !.

If you mean the one with 1 bar, hold down the button to build up your defense and release the button to lower it. The higher you have it charged once time runs out, the lower your chance of an armor piece breaking (signified by the different thresholds), but be careful not to charge it too high (signified by the QTE itself cracking) or your defense will be lopsided and an armor piece will break.

"Input on adult-oriented scenes" means that you'll see the more intimate scenes as they're being developed, either on Patreon or Discord, and can give feedback to help improve them.

Mac hasn't been taken out, he'll be in the next build, later this month. This build was a revamp of the story up to just before entering Aris.

Thanks! And there's a button on the title menu that'll lead you to it

Sorry! It'll be launched at 2PM EST, about 16 hours from now

I put out a post yesterday, telling when the next update is.

Thanks, glad to hear! It will be available (for free) with the next update, which I'll be announcing a release date for very soon.

It might be.