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Hi! Just so you know, game seems stuck in a loop for me -- large window blinks and disappears, then replaced with smaller window with the maze pictured on your big screen shot. No menu though and slime creature just jumps around and around in the lower left hand corner by himself. Doesn't seem to accept my key presses.

Windows 7, LOVE2D 11.1 64bit.


Thanks for the bug report, I appreciate it. Sadly, I don't have Windows and therefore won't be able to reproduce it. The jumping around is the really short "demo" I put together for the main menu, so it shouldn't be responding to key presses. You might be able to click where the play button should be? I'm sorry that this makes the game essentially unplayable :<

I have had text/font problems with another LOVE-based entry, so that seems to be the common factor. I don't know why it is having the problem -- my LOVE projects work OK... Maybe something about my machine. Will try on another one if I get a chance. Thanks for suggesting the workaround!