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I can't play the game in full resolution, I'm locked at 300x220 or something like that. There is no in-game menu , and there is no exit button so you are locked in the game if it plays fullscreen (something you cannot control neither)

You can change the resolution with the winsetup.exe utility - to exit, press ALT-X

Thing is, I'm on GNU/Linux. Thanks for the tip on how to exit the game.

Gotcha - isn't there a utility included in the Linux Package that should let you change options? If not, let me know and I'll ask my linux guy about it.

Well, I'm running my laptop at 1400x1050~, when the game starts it doesn't use that resolution but instead runs at 320x200~ and the rest of the area is black, there is no scaling or anything to use the full resolution of my laptop's screen.

Yeah, it should "upscale" the native res to fit your screen, and if not, there should be a utility to help it do that. I'll talk to my linux guy and see what's up. Thanks for letting me know.


You're welcome!