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Servants of the Secret Fire

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hi, are there plans to include cute little pigs that love to play in the mud and such?

corrected the name and the URL. I named it like this because at the time I did not had a name in mind (and I still don’t)

Hey, thank you for playing my half-cooked game! I took special care while building it to have re-usable components for when the time to designing the levels come (which did not). I’ll look into finishing in the coming months and getting ready for the next game jam (Either GMTK or Ludum Dare)

see you next year!

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why does this use the 3D visualization in Godot?

nvm: using Node to hold these nodes do that, using Node2D do what I expected to do.

this will come handy, thanks!

My XBox One controller is connected by USB to my PC and is on but the game seems not to respond to the controller input, any idea to submit feedback?

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I saw this in Reddit somewhere, I'm glad it was actually a game.

EDIT: Pressing Enter or F does nothing in the game menu :(

It freezes on Arch Linux after the last update lol....

I have a generic XBox controller and was unable to use it for playing this game, I use it regularly to play with my Steam's game so not sure what was going on

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A very satisfying game both in its simple core mechanics and stunning use of light which reminds us that sometimes your game do not need to like rendered on the Fox Engine in order to be fantastic.

Given the way enemies were eliminated during the game, I adventure myself to say that this was indeed a combinations genres as described in the game’s description: Bullet Hell, Tennis and Block Breaker.

The explanation of the controls were put inside the game, which was kind of surprise given the quantity of titles for this LDJAM 41 tends to leave this aspect of their games outside the feature list or “hidden” behind a “help” button or YouTube video showcasing game play.

An excellent selection of music and original graphics that extends into the field of art, like as you were being tickled by Salvador Dali's mustache actually, makes this game incredible attractive and sets the mood for the thematic intended to be discuss.

In my opinion, this game did not make it well regarding the theme for this LDJAM 41, unless of course, life and death were the incompatible things intended in this game to be mixed.

My main concern with the game is the lack of sound effects, they provide a feedback to the player when they perform an action in a game and not having them affects drastically the experience they perceive. Second concern I have is how "hidden" the instructions are from the player, if your player does not know what they are expected to do and how they should do it they may quite faster that you can say LDJAM; you need to protect the player from himself by posing an structure that ensures they understands what are they are supposed to do and what is the end goal, for instance, instructions at the begin of the game or better yet a "reduced" experience where they safely can discover the mechanics of your game (but without making a boring tutorial, that is).

Mate, no GNU/Linux version?

You're welcome!

Well, I'm running my laptop at 1400x1050~, when the game starts it doesn't use that resolution but instead runs at 320x200~ and the rest of the area is black, there is no scaling or anything to use the full resolution of my laptop's screen.

Thing is, I'm on GNU/Linux. Thanks for the tip on how to exit the game.

I can't play the game in full resolution, I'm locked at 300x220 or something like that. There is no in-game menu , and there is no exit button so you are locked in the game if it plays fullscreen (something you cannot control neither)