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Thank you PizzaMonster! The FOV was done how it is as a stylistic choice, but if others have the same feedback we may add an option to adjust it. We thought we had fixed clipping into walls, so it would be great if you could list the walls in which this was the case. You could do so here, or email me at :)

I vote [YES] on the FOV slider please. All PC games should come with that feature, as some people get headaches and even motion sick when the FOV is too low. Plus, a higher FOV just looks nicer. It's cool to set it at a "Recommended" FOV, that's fine, but give people the option to adjust it incase of reason I just listed.

An option to adjust the FOV would be really great. LOL you're funny :-) It's hard for me to list walls from a level where i totally lost my orientation because of the small FOV.  Definately from bedroom to bathroom. Also one time i saw some sort of stairs but idk where i was. Sorry for that. I really loved the style and the atmosphere but i wasn't able to play longer than 10mins because i felt some sort of motion sickness.

I totally hear what you guys are saying, as of this moment I'm planning to include a FOV option in the next update.