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I read you allow only rhyme 
you crazy man okay its fine.
i opened itch-I.O. after long time 
was your game BRO. i saw shine. 
I'm the first one in here 
i love that spooky atmosphere.
Its raining in there not dry, 
i saw that when i gave it a try. 
To find the clue it took an hour,
cus im so high, higher like a tower^^
I've reached the end and time went by, 
after playing i started to cry.
The end is fcking cuuuute! 
greetings from the netherlands

How cute, let me hug you  :-) good guy. I think i know what you mean and i really appreciate your amazing work.
And with the chair you're maybe right because i am the pizza monster and really big.

So the first great shock was in the toxic underground where your fckng tentacle monster  blasted out of the chemical waste. My heart! One hour later i ignored the warning signs and switched on my flashlight. Your damn beast  directly rushed into my face. That made me jump so hard that my chair bursted into pieces under my ass. No joke. I was really nervous the whole time because of that strong atmosphere. You have a  great sense for sound, lighing and creating immersive scenes. Thanks again for the nightmare and keep on developing.

Last point: Yes Ravee! Seriously! I already sent you a pm. I know that you germans like to come over here to party. So come  with your friends and lets have a ravy weekend. Oh Holy Shit! is this what your username and label means?! Ravee! Da Hell! i am genious...

Glad to read that Mr.Rod. And now dont waste your tears and stop acting like a bitch, mimimimi.. play the damn game. :-D i m sure the dev will add a FOV slider so you can enjoy it on your 27" mega hyper 5000000 lumen power screen. I am going to replay this when it gets an update. If i would be a part of the ingame stuff players would not be able to see me completely. because i m a really fat pizzy monster and you need a 179° deg view angle to see my whole body. But im  not part of the game, luckily :-)  so a decent FOV-Slider would be absolutly  perfect.

An option to adjust the FOV would be really great. LOL you're funny :-) It's hard for me to list walls from a level where i totally lost my orientation because of the small FOV.  Definately from bedroom to bathroom. Also one time i saw some sort of stairs but idk where i was. Sorry for that. I really loved the style and the atmosphere but i wasn't able to play longer than 10mins because i felt some sort of motion sickness.

Mr.DEVELOPER, shut up and listen!
Pull down your pants RIGHT NOW im gonna kiss your f*ckng ass.

I broke my damn chair on one of the scares and your creation is responsible for that. You bitch! Is this german engineering in game development? What a terrifying experience -  it's sooooo good. I love the atmosphere , the sound design, i love your epic mystic story, so much to explore. That's Quality.
Everything just fits perfectly together. I always got above 60 fps (Nvidia970). If you ever plan to visit netherlands, please visit me and let's party i'll pay you the night. If not, I hit the download button again to just send you a few $, because it was exactly the kind of game i was searching for. Thank you for sharing it and please don't stop developing this.

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At first: Thanks for that game. :-) Great work.
Is it possible to increase the fov?  It was little hard for me to move around because of that small view angle.  Sometimes i was able to glitch/look through the walls and from bedroom i was able to click on the mirror in bathroom.

If you use sys protector stuff, just shut down internet connection before playing...  worked for me.