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I tried to start it, but it was directly shutdown with a warning because of unsafe connection to remote server. Something with uploadhandler.h and a unityconnectmodule.dll file. i cant remember exactly, but maybe this helps.
Is there a way to play the game without whatever it tries to connect or upload?

I have no idea why this would be the case, there isn't any network stuff going on in the project/game. If you want to give me more details including screenshots, you could email me at 

If you use sys protector stuff, just shut down internet connection before playing...  worked for me.

Thank you PizzaMonster, that helped . I don't know the reason  I'm not an expert. Anyway, I played it  but it was hard for me because of the small view. I play on 27" widescreen and such a narrow view feels like a big scrolling texture. It's okay if this is an art or style decision but sadly not a game i can enjoy.

If by small view you're meaning the 4:3 aspect ratio, go into the options and change it to either SD or HD to use the entire monitor. 

Thanks that helped a bit. And i found a solution after me and my bro took a closer look in that thing. After we could't play some more downloaded games, we found out that some security tools which scan downloaded files were diving into the IL/bytecode to scan that. If there are c or c++ .h bindings and is has something to do with network connection they put the whole DLL on the blacklist. So there was no need to be a network expert to get this LOL. Whiped it from the blacklist and it wasn't shut down when internet is connected. This was  very helpful for me because i also want to provide clean software. Maybe this link can help you:
So my fault, delete the whole thread if you want, because its developer stuff.

Glad to read that Mr.Rod. And now dont waste your tears and stop acting like a bitch, mimimimi.. play the damn game. :-D i m sure the dev will add a FOV slider so you can enjoy it on your 27" mega hyper 5000000 lumen power screen. I am going to replay this when it gets an update. If i would be a part of the ingame stuff players would not be able to see me completely. because i m a really fat pizzy monster and you need a 179° deg view angle to see my whole body. But im  not part of the game, luckily :-)  so a decent FOV-Slider would be absolutly  perfect.