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Thanks that helped a bit. And i found a solution after me and my bro took a closer look in that thing. After we could't play some more downloaded games, we found out that some security tools which scan downloaded files were diving into the IL/bytecode to scan that. If there are c or c++ .h bindings and is has something to do with network connection they put the whole DLL on the blacklist. So there was no need to be a network expert to get this LOL. Whiped it from the blacklist and it wasn't shut down when internet is connected. This was  very helpful for me because i also want to provide clean software. Maybe this link can help you:
So my fault, delete the whole thread if you want, because its developer stuff.

Thank you PizzaMonster, that helped . I don't know the reason  I'm not an expert. Anyway, I played it  but it was hard for me because of the small view. I play on 27" widescreen and such a narrow view feels like a big scrolling texture. It's okay if this is an art or style decision but sadly not a game i can enjoy.

I tried to start it, but it was directly shutdown with a warning because of unsafe connection to remote server. Something with uploadhandler.h and a unityconnectmodule.dll file. i cant remember exactly, but maybe this helps.
Is there a way to play the game without whatever it tries to connect or upload?