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After seeing the body, find the screwdriver and maybe-grabbing the Wifi code, I see zero items to help me progress further? I unscrewed the hatches but found no item to help me progress after looking through the house numerous times, perhaps the item is missing? Assuming there's a key somewhere.

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Hello Neco, you're correct there is a key. My guess is that you arent away of one of the things you can interact with, and those would be bathroom mirrors. Assuming you did use all vents and hatches.

We will likely do something to make it more apparent they can be opened.

Ack - Welp! I'll facepalm for not ever seeing the mirror being interactable, likely having seen that drawers, toilet seats and everything else weren't touchable, I'm guessing my brain just disabled any form of curiosity that a 'Bathroom mirror' of all things would be, where all the other ordinarily-openable things weren't interactable.

Completely understand, with the time frame of the  jam we were unable to get to openable drawers and other things.