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Neco The Sergal

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And Part 2

Oooh the stuff that's gonna be coming soon - 

Had feedback/criticisms I hope will help the full game :P otherwise - possibly too easy.

Loving the style and want moar music like what I heard in the trailer :P - Have a 2-part series coming all out for the demo - Hope everyone enjoys.

It is an original idea to me, to make a game and upload it and not expect anyone to play it? Unsure of your history as a dev or creator though - but :P Well, hope to see more things from you. Would be a shame to lose out on potentially inspiring indie devs who can make things that aren't just FNAF/PT/Slender clones these days - anything different and unique will always get my vote.

I had a lot of feedback to give in this game - though the Ending made me think that it could have an interesting story to tell.

Definitely needs moar. Though my only 'suggestion' is that instead of top-down angle on the area/map? It's maybe like Dungeon Master / Eye of the Beholder with Dungeon Crawler visuals instead :o Now that'd be sick.

And I have definitely many questions regarding its entirety

A....Snowman?.... I don't get it :l

Odd game, though I can't say it made someone like myself 'Uneasy' :P

Speedrunners would probably love this so they could zoom by and try to get a low time and high score - though I'd say it needs a bit more love and polish before it becomes super-good. (Like the ghost/enemy not making ANY noise or any notifications of where its at at any time).

I'm not huge on FNAF clones, but I gave it a try - the story could maybe do with some patchworks, I'd say. xD

Interesting game - but, I laughed really hard near the ending - Maybe you'd like that? Unsure.

Yea, it didn't feel obvious to me, I Assumed it was a possibility - but people muttering 'Why bother' and suicide doesn't sound realistic, coming from a guy who also majors psychology xD Which is why visual stimuli would help reinforce an impactful image that the dread took over 'that' strongly imo. Otherwise I could also imagine the farmer just go "Why bother" and sleep it off or become a vegetable. xD Still, I love the art and atmosphere otherwise.

Here's my LP/Review - My qualms probably are mostly with the direction that is the ending, I explain in-video what I mean for the developer.

Finale to the demo - great fun!

Not ever a problem :P

YESSSSS! It's about damn time ;)

Interesting game, unique in a way.

Thanks for letting me know!

Buncha types and little errors that could get fixed like the font/clickables not vanishing during the cutscene, or the Window discrepancy I brought up - otherwise, curious where this'll take me.

Failed experiment to play in the dark - webcam became too dark. fml. Well, I still showed I got the balls to play any spooky game in the dark :P the rest is getting further in the game.

Very.....strange. Unsure what to think

Would wish there'd be more 'moments' to make it less repetitive or empty, otherwise, the 'quiet before a sudden moment' to me, takes too long to happen. Otherwise, curious to see the ending.

Odd game, unsure if 5 minutes is long enough to really immerse a person in a new game or game universe, I think that's the downfall to the game, as the 'atmosphere' is fine but the time likely isn't a favorable factor.

Interesting game, but WHERES THE KEY TO THAT LAST LOCKED DOOR D:< It's bugging my OCD, lmao.

Well, it had to happen eventually! The game is very strange as I would expect, although I was definitely playing the older version, knowing that, I had to stop and get the new version so I can dig down and beat it ;O I shall return.

The game feels like it has loads of potential, just needs moar Spookiness, spooky ghosts, aggressive ghosts :P Then it's a done deal!

Fun, but overly-challenging, it seems basically impossible to win when the game is mathematically / time-wise against you so that survival isn't about skill, but simply, how long can you fight off death, as if we're on our deathbed while playing the game. Balancing feels needed, but for 72 hours I won't hold it against you, it could be a funny full game, definitely.

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Welp, I did it. I beat it. I feel like I'm the first.

Lone Developer or not, I encourage taking your time and trying to get used to making levels and characters yourself and using as little of free assets as possible - that would be my biggest quarrel with this game

She didn't like me feeding her meatballs by hand, I think?

Feels like the game could have a lot of story and gameplay potential if expanded and polished more

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Why hasn't anyone touched this yet? Quick pixelated indie horror with some decent spooks and I guess, a 'Niche' story at this point.

Hope you don't mind me using your one pic as a good thumbnail :P

Had to go with the Live ending.

My take on it - although I definitely was not expecting it to NOT be a Baseball diamond, I was running around for a while, confused out of my mind. lmao

Welp - I tried

Yeah xD I saw that. But seeing a game always makes me view it in a 'What if' - *Insert Mature Theme* into it when I see potential :P

Spooky Game and atmosphere, everything Spooks . . . Juust not the Death animation. Has a lot of potential. Reminded me of 'Late Night Chef', which also needs to get a finished version.

Much potential in this style - if maybe made serious :p Was an interesting game in itself.