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Gave it a Let's Play 

Got to giving the demo a try, nice and responsive game - reminds me aesthetically more of Puppet Combo style graphics/vibes. Looking forward to the full game :P 

Thanks :) Looking forward to checking it out.

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Oooh, you're extending Toiletrooms? :O

How different is it compared to the older Toiletrooms? They look very identical to the naked eye. Perhaps a good idea to elaborate on that in the store page as a suggestion?

Gave it a let's play, I entered it expecting disappointment but was a bit surprised by it having a bit more in it than I was expecting. Also, there seems to be a lot of cringey spam in the comment section of this store page. (Idunno some people repeatedly posting their video multiple times, how stupid).

Ayy, I'll maybe give it a new one-shot, am curious about where its gone.

Is this the update I was waiting for or did I miss the one a week after the comment?

Gave it a little let's play, unfortunately fell through the floor of the map though. 

Big snek

Gave it a Let's Play, commentary/feedback within. :)

Man I could see this go on forever with various Valve franchises, that was a very faithful and well made experience, a nostalgic and fun experience with something more recent. 

I had really bad luck at the start of the demo lol. Hopefully things will look forward as the adventure goes on 

Wish I could've sunk my teeth into it earlier! And I can't wait to dive further into it :p

This is even better than your previous games, great work, mate! 

Criticms/Feedback and gameplay here: 

I gave my feedback during the Alpha I had played, not sure how much of what I had brought up was already fixed. Will be sure to give the Demo too a go and if I can provide some suggestions or fixes on the way, all is good.

Gave it a try :p 

Gave it a Let's Play, nothing bad happens. . . . ? 

:3 Excellent.

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Fun game, wish there was a downloadable version so I could retain my save (Playing it on Brave browser), its very tight with security so nothing in terms of browser 'save files' for games ever lasts, unfortunately :( 

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Major Spoilers down below! (Video included) Had a fun time with this :3

Gave it a Let's Play, unfortunately couldn't find that 3rd ending, could see how the game could expand if you ever thought to do so, as I bring up at the end of my video too 

Gave it a Let's Play, very fluid and beautiful visuals, I can't wait to see what kind of more 'spooky, dark and dreaded' environments you can pull off alongside this voxel art-style of yours 

Gave it a Let's Play, I'd emphasize that I see good potential in the art you showcase with the stuffed toys when removing their parts, it showed me potential of future things, the weakest thing about the game to be constructive, is level design/movement. I bet you'd make a killer Point and click horror game if enough effort was put into it, imho.

Gave it a quick Let's Play, it's the 2nd game in the video. 

Gave it a Let's Play, very nice art at the end 

Gave it a 2022 video of its gameplay :3

Interesting game 

Gave it a Let's Play, hard as I'd want it to be, reminded me of Chocobo's Dungeon days, got pretty far I'd hope for just 40 minutes of play, will try to get deeper/beat it :P Nicely compact but effective game in just 7 days. 

Gave it a Let's Play 

I accidentally beat the game D; 

Gave it a Lets Play, was able to beat it, though unsure just how much content in the game I missed and if I just had skipped most things or not and went straight to the end in decent time or not, was silly/interesting

Got to the end, last level was pretty difficult, pretty cool game for whats there within 7 days 

I liked the atmosphere and the uniqueness, the game gave me a great first impression. Where I think the game falls short is that there's too little going on between the start and the end. It felt like I was repetitively cleaning garbage with minimal progress, so it felt tedious half-way in. If you can find ways to increase tension or atmosphere, ambiance via audio or events that happen then am sure you'd be able to make a solid indie horror.

Alt F4.

But yeah, the dev should have it so the main menu has a Start/Quit button lmao. Or, hitting Esc to exit game in main menu at least.

Guessing for whatever reason, you or any of your family members that use your computer probably told Windows that 'the default way of opening .rar files is through Word Document' rather than through something like winzip or winrar. Right Click file > Properties and just Change what it Opens With.

I'd say this is a step backwards compared to the first game, there's too many flaws and negatives about the game being free-roam, death from enemies through walls, easy methods to cheese the game, stand still boringly behind a table to win every night? It feels lazily thrown together. There's no reason to rush and release an incomplete game. 

Gave it a little Lets Play 

Took the risk to give it a go. Well made with nostalgic Gameboy aesthetics, I like the attention to details added to the game too -