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Neco The Sergal

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Assuming the 'secrets' are the philosophical 'cutscenes' ?

Okay so I allowed your persuasion to let me play the game as originally intended, hope you enjoy my take in it as I continue on in the game ;o Also, let me know at least how many deaths there are, or if I missed any. I like getting all deaths.

Can't wait for the full game :p

Pretty fun experience, short but juicy - I had some theories here and there and made some references to The Grey, wanted to know your opinion on my funny end-rant and comparison :P

Yea, I sorta found out a bit after that its not the toilet per se, but I presumed so due to coincidental circumstances.

You seen my latest videos? :P Maybe you can help me out with any clarification, if then I had found both of the two endings and beyond that. Cause at this rate I'm just missing 1 random ending.

Vague but, avoiding spoilers are good. Does it relate to Picking up a Knife by any chance?

So there's 16 Endings now? xD Been playing the older version for so long, now there's just so many weird things in this new version, so confused. Gonna have to upload my newest video and have to wonder, which ones were regular endings and if I found the two 'Final endings' or not.....

:P Oh course I'd notice. 15 Huh? Unsure if I found any of the endings, some of them are rather obscure, I won't spoil via anyone on this store page, but I'll of course show all that I find in the videos, had found a very strange one after Part 3 where I had to go to the bathroom - very specific steps for a death that had 'a weird noise' out of the ordinary.

Ahhhh~ Now this was an unexpected surprise! Back to the fun of hunting for deaths and all endings - now the important question is, how many are in this game so far? ;o I've found 11 so far (Split between 3 videos, and 1 not recorded but found after). Exciting!

Be a responsible adult or else? lol

Action adventure / RPG mixes - or Action-RPG's tickle my funny bone, but I also have a deep love for Metroidvania, Horror, pixelated horror, survival horror but last but not least? Rogue-like or Rogue-lite type games.

If any or all of those Combine for any reason, I'll likely enjoy it.

Aw ye Scrotum McGee's floating everywhere!

Pretty awesome and solid for a browser-game :P

Interesting game, I swear I remember seeing this sooo long ago, it feels like a strange distant memory.

Was hoping for more in the demo, having beaten it - but since it's early alpha and a demo I'll take what I can get - the game is a Dark-fantasy 'indie horror JRPG' that mixes classic RPG elements along with mechanics maybe comparable to Super Mario RPG. Light tones of humor, sexual tension for comedic effect as well as hinting at darker tones at work to be revealed later in the story - I anticipate and look forward to playing more.

It's missing the charm of Wild Ride, imo.... too many Radio podcasts.

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WELP Hey Time to update this Thread! Better that than to make a new thread as others may do, too spammy for my taste.

Oh! Also, may have to look into the part where Dxtory isn't detecting or playing any Cutscenes or the end-game screen - as it's unfortunately all lost in my recording and just shows a Black screen, other Youtubers in my position who're using the same recording program may run into this issue too. Only way to avoid it is recording desktop, perhaps other recording programs don't have this issue, wouldn't know.

Haha, yeah, Part 2 will come too.

Hope the critique helps with the development rather than just show me as a grumpy, nitpicky old person. Lmao.

Bam! Let's Play.

Making an LP/Review/Critique of the game's demo here, hope everyone enjoys

Having fun, definitely can tell polish exists in it even in Alpha with the overall feel and core of the game, more polish will definitely make it better too

I don't see it quitting the game as me not winning the game since the game isn't called 'YOU' Have to Quit the game ;O

Then my playthrough is my 'unique' one unless people pick the same one as me :P And, it's not broken now, I hyperlinked the video before I made it public >.<

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ALRIGHT! I got it! Thanks to that update that made it so I can see in the dark. xD Awesome

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Though I played it short and thought it was not as indepth as insinuated, I'm wondering if answering the questions differently would affect gameplay? Or difficulty? Unsure...

Reporting that Tuesday is game-breakingly broken as I begun playing it some more. The main-floor hallways after speaking to the headless anatomy figure is EXTREMELY 'laggy', moving in the hallway (Where the doors are at where you first start your day), your character moves at a 0.005 frames per second for whatever reason.

Interesting SMALL game but, it has nice attention to detail like the window lighting on the inside changing the outside appearance of the house - The challenge then is, how many endings are there? How many times can you murder or be murdered in what may be a never-ending loop.

I think I got that goofing-one, but 10 total huh...dang.

Gonna be uploading a lengthy playthrough of this soon, wanted to ask if there's any way you could hint at how many different deaths there are? Wondering if I found them all. I feel like I'm missing 1 or 2, but I got a total of 6 so far.

An interesting walking simulator/story, it was also good that I hadn't read the description of the game so me encountering the visual of the moon and theorizing everything on a clean slate was fun. I got 96% completion, so I was a bit sad about that - does the ending change if I get 100%? Would be curious what I missed.

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"Eh this is time not like I'd need to OH MAN THAT'S HOT--" - no but for real, Furry porn in the 90's? PFFFT. I call Bull.

That's pretty crazy how relentless he is then! Though I don't think he's brutal enough in my opinion! Haha.

Wish there was more in the demo D; But, the demo did its job!

Had a blast! Gonna upload it in two parts :P

Gave the game a try and whatnot! Not bad, more information about the game on the page would probably benefit :P

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I never knew the creature from Pan's Labyrinth is literally named Tenome, learn something every day!

Created a new topic Let's Play Series on This game

I grew up with Metroid and Castlevania, so seeing this and it being on discount made me want to get it immediately, likely a lot more in it than I'm going to expect, though I'm curious as per how long an average run takes to complete the game, maybe the creator can tell me the average length xD Outside of that am sure I'll be having fun.