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Gave it a Let's Play

Gave it a Let's Play, feedback/criticisms within, and I make a sick thumbnail for it. 

Gave it a Let's Play, my complaints/criticisms within 

Gave it a Let's Play, that's some nice, expressive animation and pixel art, awesome job. 

May as well continue playing, there's bad crashing at the Skull/Halloween part, unsure if it related to me having FOV 85 or not or just is a common crash for other weird reasons. 

Oooh, so it was entirely intended?

Gave it a Let's Play, though, food kept falling through the floor after microwaving it? 

Gave it a Let's Play, played 1.5 but I think there's a bug to fix still (Sry lol) where if you beat the game once and play through perhaps a new game, the cameras flash breaks entirely FYI. 

Gave it a Let's Play ;o Man its been a while since I played a DDD game 

Gave it a Let's Play, pretty good progress in a week or less, criticisms/suggestions/feedback within :P

Gave it a Let's Play and mid-recording it dawned on me, why there was so much familiar and nostalgic, I played something like this before, lmao. Criticism/feedback/gameplay below 

Will have to try to make it look 'Pro Dismantled'.

Lookin forward to it. :)

Gave it a Let's Play, though wish there was more to it, maybe a bigger house, more to add / various lasagna types, etc. 

Gave it a Lets Play, rough around the edges but maybe if you refined the game to be more fun mechanically/environmentally then the absurdities would be more enjoyable. 

Gave it a Let's Play, Amazing art! Getting some Jujutsu Kaisen vibes weirdly from MC? Is it just me? Curious to see where this will go. 

Gave it a try 

Gave it a Let's Play but, as of right now all I mostly see is 'Yet another Mascot horror like Garten of Banban' it 'runs better than Garten' at least, but, there's red flags everywhere though. 

I miss something with the tanuki? I sorta let him move upwards then I explored and lost sight of him lol. Either that or, the Tanuki gonna 'appear somewhere else later' I imagine being possible.

Was able to finally give it a play, decently comparable to Faith in its audio and visuals 

My Gameplay/Lets Play, amazing stuff! Loved seeing all the efficient mechanics and especially in the interface, combat, etc. 

I do things differently, take everything with constructive criticism and good humor, hope people laugh. 

Mouse cursor keeps spazzing in the center of the screen randomly while playing.

My Let's Play/gameplay and criticisms/feedback all provided within. Good potential and for a week there's good work put into this, bit rough around the edges and gets repetitive, was hoping to get to an ending but felt like it'd maybe go on forever lol 

Got to Day 10 then died to a Wall-thing cause I didn't know how to repel it and it kept lunging at me while cleaning, I tried to just not look at it, but I'll assume I'm meant to spray it or something. Oh well. Bugs I found that need fixing, if you carry a corpse and get water/chemicals, the body you're carrying vanishes (and you get penalized for not disposing it properly). In one scenario where the room fills with meat or goop - I got lifted by the goop and lifted me up beyond the ceiling and onto the Rooftop of the complex and got stuck and had to Alt-F4. Video will be arriving soon.

Gave it a Lets Play (The full game), though, I'd be honest and say the last 2 games were much better, imo. 

Chonky moths - 

Fantastic atmospheric horror. Will list it as 'The best atmosphere' of 2023 currently. I enjoyed feeling tense for as long as I could while not knowing 'what was in the game with me', good ambience too, it'd just need more randomized sound events for more variability.

Finally get to play the full game ;0 looked forward to this, feels a bit different too 

Gave it a Lets Play, was this your first indie horror game? Nice design, unique enough layout for being chased and good balance. Nicely made short indie horror. :) 

2nd game, interesting game and style, though, wish it was a longer and more fleshed out game D: 

1st video, short but interesting, as I grew up with this genre still existing and know what you mean of it having unique liminal sensations. xD 

Rough around the edges in terms of objectives or handling the puzzles/scripts/goals, though, the environments if made by you and the general vibes the game gives are both funny and comically 'cartoon real' kind of almost authentic thats its silly 

More games need Kobolds in them.

Tis a cute Kobold.

Gave the game a Let's Play, was hoping for more from this sequel since it more or less is the same as the first game, but with less to do, but more places to hide/bigger house a bit. Still, not a bad game. 

If it's an intentional and safe site then all is fine. I'm completely unfamiliar with Totem so its all new to me. I just wanted to make sure :) Cause normally if you download a recent game uploaded on itchio, you don't 100% know if its safe or not, and having a game launch your browser unexpectedly after launching a .exe 'is normally red flags' kinda app behavior.

But again, if intentional and secure? No issues and hope the game goes well.

I enjoyed the cozy time with Claire and the coffee, the characters and artstyle are very pleasing :) 

Opening the game launches a browser tab 'Blockchain login' website for unknown reasons, why exactly?

Just a humble farmer 

Gave it a Let's Play, thanks for letting me know about it, good Dread in the game :p