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This looks and sounds really stupid.

I stretch most just to avoid black bars. Gameplay-wise it sorta is normal to play in any windowed mode or screen resolution whether HD or not - but when you make it as a 'Viewing medium' like cinema/movies, you tend to get a lot of people who complain about black bars, you know? (Though, cinema-related, the black bars are on the top and bottom, but Non-HD Game-wise, it's left and right).

Gave the game a bit of a go, feels like I scratched the surface though

Short but sweet and as expected of Airdorf

Gave the game a go, blended some commentary and reading and fixed a few mild things, I liked it.

Little rough around the edges but also, if touched up on and given good polish could perhaps be something interesting of a series/universe.

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Gave my take, my question though is, did you make the monster? Guess the same question ProofreadFire asked.

Gave it a go!

Quite the hilarious but short 'horror' game

Gave it a good go, a part 2 will be coming tomorrow, definitely has potential for it to be a larger/longer game if given enough polish and a good story, the aesthetics, environment and enemies blend together well - only issues is potentially the length where if its too short that'd be a bad thing - but the most blatant offender is of course the Bugs which there are a bad few. It's potential can be, either way, as great as you wish to pour your passion into this and the time it needs.

Short but great!


So far awesome as expected, have to dive in more

Gave the game a go, fun little game !

Definitely, got it on Steam, so updates should be automatic

REDO! community · Created a new topic Let's Play

A gave it a solid 30 minutes of gameplay and will upload a Non-commentary later, wishing to see how my viewers like it, so far it feels a little polish all-around would do it good, but for now I enjoy the unique theme of it.

Glad to help, as well as the comment section feedback, definitely always a help in development am sure

The Saving Light community · Created a new topic Let's Play

Gave it a spin and some feedback - comments in the video of those who reply should also help give their feedback :P

Don't see the problem when Winrar is free and basically every computer in the universe should normally have it installed. Winrar works on winzip files, but winzip doesn't work on anything but .zip files.

Played in my 2-Horror-in-1 series with it being in the latter portion of the video, gave my feedback and reactions to the game

Played it and enjoyed it, liked the change of camera perspective, haven't seen anyone attempt it or do it since Nier

Odd game!

Interesting game

Mm, looks good - I'd play it if there were eng subtitles

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Awww man, it's a classsssic. Many loved it prior to them making Amnesia, but, making Amnesia definitely made them blow up.

Awesome game, as I expected from you, Borja

Very intriguing game, I liked how unique its setting/premise and gameplay was, quite artistic

It was short, could use a lot of polish and made into a grander (Larger) game experience but it was overall, for the time it took to beat it? A solid short horror game.

Gave it a go, probably oldest version, gave feedback - didn't like the creature teleporting inconveniently so much to where I was going, nearby, or spawning next to me cheaply.

Gave it a go ;O Made me think of Devil Daggers in a way

Welp, I gave it an accurate title!


A Short game, but it's solid and does its job, isn't cheap and it isn't half-assed like many other indie devs who just use royalty-free-everything and it reeks of copy-paste. As someone who plays tons of horrors, something like this has zero faults for the most part.

My thanks!

Giving it a go, wouldn't mind with the itchio purchase if I could also have a Key linked to my purchase and account for Steam if I could ask for it. Thanks! 

My feedback would be, make it so they don't chase so much in the water, endlessly, make them perhaps roam the villages you're meant to pillage without me constantly not being able to get off my boat because 'The one from the start is still chasing me and clinging to the backside of my boat', as because of this I presume either a bug occurred where the objectives never updated, or that I had never found a note or objective item to change my objective from 'Find Lorenzo' to 'Find keys' because I found the airplane - - -but, it still was telling me to find Lorenzo, I quit there, because I wasn't going to drive all the way back to find one specific village of what I was missing, at that point. Getting out of the boat was essentially, 90% of the time, impossible, so I chose not to unless I saw I was alone, none was behind me in the water, and none were in the small huts on the land (Which got me fuel, but nothing else).

Making it difficult and being 'unsure' if one is about to chase you or angrily come charging from the distance is one thing, but, if beating the game involves the NECESSITY of getting off the boat to grab items on land, should make it more friendly to the player to have chances to get off the boat, that they stop chasing you, give some distance temporarily to allow exploration. Otherwise, with all these fixed, it'd be a unique and awesome game.

Gameplay and feedback / suggestions provided :P Pretty decent, for an alpha demo

Oh boy