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Neco The Sergal

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Posted in Exiles comments

Lone Developer or not, I encourage taking your time and trying to get used to making levels and characters yourself and using as little of free assets as possible - that would be my biggest quarrel with this game

She didn't like me feeding her meatballs by hand, I think?

Feels like the game could have a lot of story and gameplay potential if expanded and polished more

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Why hasn't anyone touched this yet? Quick pixelated indie horror with some decent spooks and I guess, a 'Niche' story at this point.

Hope you don't mind me using your one pic as a good thumbnail :P

Had to go with the Live ending.

My take on it - although I definitely was not expecting it to NOT be a Baseball diamond, I was running around for a while, confused out of my mind. lmao

Welp - I tried

Yeah xD I saw that. But seeing a game always makes me view it in a 'What if' - *Insert Mature Theme* into it when I see potential :P

Spooky Game and atmosphere, everything Spooks . . . Juust not the Death animation. Has a lot of potential. Reminded me of 'Late Night Chef', which also needs to get a finished version.

Posted in Woodsy comments

Much potential in this style - if maybe made serious :p Was an interesting game in itself.

Fun game! Why the horror tag though? ;o Made me think there was some kind of super secret horror element to it. Also, the music instantly was copyright flagged when I uploaded it.

Interesting so far, it had reminded me of Stories Untold (Though, not a Text-based game). 

Game doesn't work. Gives me an error on launch.

If only I read it was a prototype since of how many bugs I ran into xD Nonetheless, I did as much as I felt I could and had fun.

^^ Thanks! Yup :P Hope to find all the endings.

Posted in Easter comments

Interesting RPG Maker Horror so far.... will be releasing moar!

Posted in Optimization

Will be trying the game soon myself but, I'd no doubt believe it's your GPU causing a lot of issues, not a lot of indie games are made with Crossfire in mind, and the 295 card(s) too - to me it'd be like comparing a GPU to Crysis 1, a visual benchmark and powerful but never really the type of card to ever be maximized, bottlenecked if anything. I'll try this game with an AMD 480 card and see where it gets me soon.

No need for any formalities at all, I'm just a random gamer.

I am curious though, how long would you say has been crunched into the game that reflects the current demo? - The size wasn't a big issue for me, but it definitely did take a while to download, but I have decent internet, it just would mean anyone with below-average or shoddy, wireless connections may have issues.

Well, being that as you wrote, you're a solo indie dev, it'd have been another question I'd ask of how many people are working with you, if alone it just means what you've managed is more impressive.

When I think of the Twilight Zone especially and games that make me think of the show and its themes, I'd say a good reflection of a strange universe with a story that connects could be a game released a year ago called 'Stories Untold', maybe a game to check out in your spare time, as I feel its a type of atmosphere that is solid that could be perhaps what you would be going for in this game (Just me theorizing and presuming, mind you).

Strange game demo

Maybe I'll be the one that doesn't Yes-Bot, and will give a critical review on how I perceive the game, maybe you guys will use it as a means of great feedback - I had many hard subjects to discuss about the game and how I perceived it as a gamer, player, viewer, etc. As well as a summarized final-thought in the comment-section in my video, hope you guys can learn from what was pointed out and you can excel forward.

Posted in Umfend comments

I enjoyed everything about it :P

I had many questions about the game as I was playing it xD

Posted in Umfend comments

Support this game at what price and what exclusive stuff ;OOO??? Sold out?! It's only been 6 hours!

It feels both amateurish while at the same time polished. Simple, yet not displeasing - a solid indie horror.

Posted in Dread comments

Could use a bit of polish and more to it

Assuming the 'secrets' are the philosophical 'cutscenes' ?

Okay so I allowed your persuasion to let me play the game as originally intended, hope you enjoy my take in it as I continue on in the game ;o Also, let me know at least how many deaths there are, or if I missed any. I like getting all deaths.

Can't wait for the full game :p

Pretty fun experience, short but juicy - I had some theories here and there and made some references to The Grey, wanted to know your opinion on my funny end-rant and comparison :P

Yea, I sorta found out a bit after that its not the toilet per se, but I presumed so due to coincidental circumstances.

You seen my latest videos? :P Maybe you can help me out with any clarification, if then I had found both of the two endings and beyond that. Cause at this rate I'm just missing 1 random ending.

Vague but, avoiding spoilers are good. Does it relate to Picking up a Knife by any chance?

So there's 16 Endings now? xD Been playing the older version for so long, now there's just so many weird things in this new version, so confused. Gonna have to upload my newest video and have to wonder, which ones were regular endings and if I found the two 'Final endings' or not.....

:P Oh course I'd notice. 15 Huh? Unsure if I found any of the endings, some of them are rather obscure, I won't spoil via anyone on this store page, but I'll of course show all that I find in the videos, had found a very strange one after Part 3 where I had to go to the bathroom - very specific steps for a death that had 'a weird noise' out of the ordinary.

Ahhhh~ Now this was an unexpected surprise! Back to the fun of hunting for deaths and all endings - now the important question is, how many are in this game so far? ;o I've found 11 so far (Split between 3 videos, and 1 not recorded but found after). Exciting!

Be a responsible adult or else? lol

Action adventure / RPG mixes - or Action-RPG's tickle my funny bone, but I also have a deep love for Metroidvania, Horror, pixelated horror, survival horror but last but not least? Rogue-like or Rogue-lite type games.

If any or all of those Combine for any reason, I'll likely enjoy it.

Aw ye Scrotum McGee's floating everywhere!

Pretty awesome and solid for a browser-game :P

Interesting game, I swear I remember seeing this sooo long ago, it feels like a strange distant memory.