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Gave it a Lets Play, I give a LOT of feedback/responses to the game design and crack a lot of jokes :P hope people enjoy, I Really appreciated the level design in this for a game made by graduate students.

Is the game still being made? I remember loving the shit out of this.

Gave it a Let's Play, hoping development goes well and the Horror aspect can get better. 

I was not expecting the Bunny Girl antagonist but I Won't Complain. I put some extra effort in the thumbnail for this, Hah.

No worries, just happy others too can give it a try so people can give you feedback and play it proper :P

Wanted to try out this Demo Version but the file is 0 Bytes currently.

A bit late - but I played this and gave my ideas/feedback/criticisms/thoughts, I enjoyed the 'proof of concept' that this could bring puzzle-wise, and I also prove that I appreciate frogs 

Gave it a Lets Play, gameplay with commentary below

I can only imagine. I can't look at my older content without cringing, but I hope you can look back similarly or positively, hah.

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Gave it a Let's Play and thought to share my Full Gameplay of my experience. It's basically what I asked for in an indie horror, can't complain :p

5 year old video/comment but yeah, I did play and uploaded it waaaay back then. Unsure where the help would be needed since it'd be so long - Gameplay here: 

Gave it a Let's Play, kept me unsure of what 'Really' is going on til the end, its uncommon for most my theories to be wrong yet the answers were always there, good writing and pixel art

Here's Part 1 and others will be in the playlist within! 

Gave it a Let's Play, could use some more work on building atmosphere, tension, and adding more horror-related events, since there's just 1, excluding the bad ending and very very few atmospheric noises

Unspoken community · Created a new topic Gave the game a Go

Gameplay, feedback and thoughts provided in the video provided 

Gave it a Let's Play, a bit rough and short but enjoyable 

I just know ManlyBadass will see this game. lol

Got All Endings, a bit rough around the edges, maybe had potential to be a larger game but I liked what I saw, cheers! Here's some gameplay :P 

Please please, add a Framerate limiter on All Unreal Engine games like this or it consumes 99.99% of everyones GPU. Settings/Options for UE games need to be limited to a slider/60fps/custom so it doesn't try to take 300-900fps and take 99% of my Nvidia 3090 when its clearly not needing it, thanks!

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Fantastic game, basic visuals but it kept me on edge. In the Madness part there may be a bit of a 'bug' in how the AI loops around once scared later in my video that may need fixing as an FYI to the dev! Otherwise, I enjoyed this a lot and hope to see more.

Sucks to suck, I guess.

Gave it a lengthy Lets Play and yeah that was almost 3 hours long! Not 90 minutes! lmao. Had fun though, some puzzles/levels I'd assume exist that will halt some progress for some players not understanding what to do next but, I got most deaths and got to the end and had fun. 

Gave the game a Let's Play, feedback and gameplay within :P 

Yeah, I see potential in your work if you continue growing at a good pace. So I will hope any feedback will be useful in helping you in that journey.

Gave it a Let's Play and gave a lot of advice/suggestions/feedback for the dev at the end of the video, gameplay below. 

Gave it a Let's Play, comments/suggestions and feedback within 

Fair nuff!

Gave it a let's Play, I have many strong thoughts to share with the dev and lots of constructive criticisms/suggestions that I hope you see, otherwise, loved the latter half of the game and the potential I see in your horror games, gameplay below 

Why would you make it so you start the game by your car, your character drove to the grave site/starting area for a reason - you walk to the marker at the end of the grave site, only to be told you 'Forgot your shovel in your car' to force a player to waste their time to go back for a shovel instead of starting the game having the character tell the player that he needs the shove he clearly brought with him?

I don't think wasting players time with these types of redundancies is too smart and would suggest avoiding those pointless backtracking gimmicks.

Gave this a Let's Play, decent balance, almost beat the game start to finish in record time until Night 5's RNG begun messing with me with noises happening at the worst moment either when I spoke or when distraction-noises happened, lmao. 

Your words honor me :) Can't wait to see whats in store from you.

Gave it a Let's Play, I liked it, hope to see more of your style, Alex. 

Gave it a Let's Play, short but interesting - hope there's more games like this but a bit longer in gameplay duration ;0 Got all achievements too!

Gave it a Let's Play, gameplay can be found below! I had lots of feedback/suggestions and constructive criticisms for the dev, but otherwise, I do feel like there is potential in your work, the ending of this game was disappointing, unfortunately, everything else alright.

Found another small similar glitch/bug I'd like to report, the Duck-character in the alley next to the 'BEST BAR (in the World)', talking to them behind the counter specifically, when interacted from the left-side they cough, when talked to from below they turn into a fat-sitting bird and cough.

Gave it a Lets Play, gave lots of feedback/suggestions, gameplay down below. 

Gave it a Let's Play, bugs/suggestions/feedback and gameplay below 

Yes :) It was entertaining and I'd imagine there is more charm later on.

Gave it a Let's Play, wished the demo showed a bit more or that it was maybe 'a bit deeper into the game' (If there is any of the mid-content ready). We'll see where this goes.