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Giving it a go, can see it being a definitely inspired-by-FAITH, lol

It's kind of annoying how moving left or right is inconsistent and your character will sometimes just not move at all until after you smash the A or D or Left or Right arrow 50 billion times. Makes absolutely no sense with why it just 'half the time doesn't work'.

Gave it a relaxing playthrough

I gave it a try in Valve Index, though problems I had were I couldn't use my right analog stick to rotate position and I also couldn't put the key in the locked door in the tutorial, so I couldn't go further.

Gave it a try

If only it was longer

Could use some polish

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Pretty cool, feedback and gameplay within, what I'd say is I'd imagine the game could be much better if given multiple possible endings and/or unique deaths depending on actions done. I Made a very sexy thumbnail for it.

Need a Sequel of us evolving and eating ON THE LAND!

Was finally able to upload my video on this, I beat the game yesterday at 9AM if that means anything lol. I also beat it in under 20 minutes, you gotta see how the ending went though

I'm gonna assume the launch version was the hardest version thus far, since he could choose to insta-kill you as he pleased.

The key above the mirror others have mentioned, the Key I found from the bedroom chandelier that seamlessly doesn't go anywhere (Or just to something locked I never found), dropping items makes it vanish forever??? I put my teabag in my mug by the sink, thinking I'd fill the mug with water and the mug devoured my teabag then vanished from my inventory, leaving me with no mug. There's a Towel right to the right of the wardrobe??? I don't see that and if you walk in the corner of the room to the right of the wardrobe, you can get stuck in that corner forever.

I'll be uploading a video of my gameplay although even with these troubling bugs, I do want to at least iterate that I see great potential in this game, but it sorely needs playtesters and bug-crushers to iron out and make the game less of a headache.

Had fun!

Everytime I easily show that I beat the new modes, does a new version eventually get released? xD

Gave it a try, rough around the edges but the complexity of the game is better than many others, though, the duration/difficulty of the game and 'balancing' is begging to be questioned since the game could take 2+ hours to complete at a normal speed/pace and, many other criticisms and feedback can be found within.

I crave more challenge when I climb!

Gave it a play

Giving it a go, but I wanted to know, is it a full game or a short demo?

Gave it a try

I'm still anxiously waiting for a chonk update to give it something worth a good chunk video, or video series for sure :P

How big would you say the Update is? Big, small? Plenty of content to warrant a replay or should give it more time?

Gave it a go, Feedback within!

Was finally able to give it a go

Kicked its butt again ;0

Interesting game

I had the older version, oof! Needs a LOT of optimization since it drains way too much GPU.

I was told that I missed a lot of 'spooks' unsure if by physical spooks or events or just audible. If this is true because I ran around fast, I'd assume that making a stamina meter to force the player to slow down may be good to have it so they have less chance at missing 'woods section events' ? Depending on how far you can run, how fast stamina replenishes and not making it too bothersome.

Apparently I missed 'creepy stuff in the woods' so I guess my suggestion is 'play the game slowly at first', Don't rush

Man, I just replayed it and I gotta say, that was pure fuckin hype. I was coming into it not expecting to be scared (as that is hard to do) but it left me Excited to see what will come from you, the developer, in future horror games you make - as I hope you continue making horror games. Everything with the Post-jam update was simply a fantastic presentation of 'Great short horror experience'. Will upload a new video of it soon.

Strange game, very calm

Gave it a go, spook!

Gave it a go

I very much enjoyed it, and contemplating the vast 'What Ifs' of what a creature, in a perspective of 'What if it was a creepypasta type of creature' in the many theories I'd have crafted, wondering what depth could be had for this creature. Hope my gameplay is enjoyed.

Have a 2 part series coming, only sad thing was I didn't get the Dragin Slayer til after I stopped recording, restarted the game, defeated 'someone' again and then I saw it, it had vanished in part 2.

Felt like I was missing some potential endings, but I have no idea if I missed anything, got '2' endings. Feels like there could be 3 or 4 in a game like this, short but good - as expected from you.

How many endings are there, by chance, 2, or more?

Gave it a go

I see good potential in this, keep it up!

No worries! Can't wait to see more from this concept

Could've been the earliest version when the store page here first came up.