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Neco The Sergal

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It's sorta like Monsters, Inc :P

Could use a bit more information at the start as well as a little fix for the gun and its flash but overall a fun experience, not so much tense as other underwater games I've found.

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I saw you remove the download link, I had already downloaded and made a quick Let's Play featuring the 2 creatures so far and left it on a quick but positive note,  since you removed the download, I wanted to first ask if you'd be alright if I uploaded the video here in the comments to be shared or not.

Game is great fun, I like the atmosphere and the classic vibes! Can't wait to get further in!

Urbex was a 'biiit' longer, but not by a lot - something more or less I'd say, 30 minutes would be solid? If possible without sacrificing quality. And no problem, can't wait to see what's next ;)

I can see why you think Urbex is 'superior' although both are short, if not this one shorter by a bit, I do like the atmosphere - I only wish there was more variety and a longer length to go with the atmosphere that I feel you're good at achieving. Hope the title and video gives you and any viewers a laugh.

Usually it's either what I think are glitches or bugs ends up being intentional by the devs somehow, so am glad at least this time feedback is helpful!

Part 2

Very weird game, though the 'difficulty curve' of what may be the start of the game of trying to solve the mystery and get by seems a bit much, so much theorizing is needed to understand the mechanics and premise - not that I'm saying the core is bad but only the really hardcore I'd believe would bother to push on to the end.


Not really any horror, was actually expecting unsettling things in the event that you collect enough mushrooms - mild disappointment, but it is essentially a 100% Walking simulator with atmosphere.

*rurr* This was a pretty fun game, very familiar to Spelunker - Very polished, very few nitpicks, can't wait for moar.

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*Rurr!* Hello everyone, this would have to be one of the more Unsuspectingly good horrors I've found, short but sweet!

*Rurr!* I have tried the game and am uploading my walkthrough here for all to enjoy, feedback and more beyond :)

*Rurr!* I had to amke a very fancy thumbnail for this occasion, an interestingly different game compared to the normal uploads - been enjoying it, although the complaints I've had throughout my current walkthrough are the typos and grammar errors and a few other gameplay-related tidbits I give during commentary, hope everyone enjoys this game :p

I definitely missed out on not finding this game til now! I normally don't look in the survival horror genre tags on this site.

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Lotta scenes could use a lot of work, but it's both unintentionally, and intentionally funny - and it has a good concept, and I like the environment, but a lot of polish is needed in my opinion, here's my playthrough, critiques and walkthrough :P

I've got balls of steel.

Unending, but with an ending?...

I felt like dabbing some extra clickbait and artistic flare a bit - not my usual thing but, felt like it? xD

No worries, levels were sorta short to me, I went through most the mazes like a breeze, it took me 20 minutes to get to level 15 so that should speak volumes. I didn't do much editing.

Thanks! :) Glad you enjoyed.

*Rurr* WELP, I played a weird game - but I conquered it! Went to level 15 since apparently after the credits - it keeps going? Wondered if there was secrets ahead, but just stopped at 15.

*Rurr* Hello everyone ;D Thought to link my video here for all to see, for those wondering how the beginning of the game is like or what is to come if you wanted any deciding factors on whether or not to try the game - seems interesting so far, should check it out - here's part 1 of my gameplay :P

Southern Monsters huh, it an indie horror of any sort? :p

Sounds awesome, thanks!

Interesting audio queues and a good atmosphere, wish there was more, either of depth, choice, or the ability for a stronger story to increase immersion! :) Hope you enjoy my playthrough.

Is there any end-game or something to work for? Or is it more of a endless-dungeon type?

A very bizarre game XD

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*Rurr* Very interesting game, there's so many variables unless I'm missing hints or clues in the forest, could probably be great to get some form of expansion on the story and meaning, maybe.... :p

*Rurr* Hello everyone ;D I remember this game, and for anyone who cares, I have my funny gameplay and commentary of me playing the demo for anyone who'd like to see how funny this game can be :P Can't wait for the full release

Awesome, sounds good.

Ah-hah! I've been waiting for your next game for a long while ;O Now comes the painful process of figuring the thing out and figuring out how to get all the endings D:< There's a good deal of feedback I could provide in my videos, namely coin-deposits being tedious (Should be able to hold the button to spam more in, faster!) among other things - Overall, very weird game.

Created a new topic Ends at Logo?

Wanted to know, I had made a video about the demo, but wanted to know (cause I got an error) you can check my video here, I just wanted to know if I reached the end of the demo, or if an error blocked me from seeing more.


There were arguments with Capcom, or was that a joke? lol As for release/versions? Sounds like a good idea.

Back? Where did it go? Any changes from the last time I played it? :P

*Rurr* Hello everyone (And dev, who already knows of this xD) I gave the game a go, although I'm going to be REDOING it from the new Demo version so I can continue and finish what was intended to be played, so far so good in the game, quality is promising and a very active creator involved with fixing/communicating - Looking forward to more to come.

It still doesn't open properly - HOWEVER, I found the fix/solution. You want to move the .exe into the DATA folder, it has to be with the other .dll's and whatnot. Once moved inside, it starts up instantly and flawlessly as one would expect.

Same here - Though I will be more specific - it just doesn't open, there's no error or anything, nothing opens. I tried meddling with the compatibility settings in properties on the file and it still doesn't open.

I wouldn't want it any other way, it's that depressive and dark atmosphere that I want, even if making a series on it and playing it gets me limitations.

Careful about the Adpocalypse on Youtube! I'm positive anything 'evil' and horror will get demonetized like most of my videos have, lmao. Hyped for the next demo ;D Shared this trailer on Twitter/Facebook as well.