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Neco The Sergal

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Careful about the Adpocalypse on Youtube! I'm positive anything 'evil' and horror will get demonetized like most of my videos have, lmao. Hyped for the next demo ;D Shared this trailer on Twitter/Facebook as well.

*Rurr* Hello everyone! I gave this short horror game a go, it involves collecting 4 notes - as you'd expect from something inspired by Slender - then trying to escape the area, is just as it was advertised to be - short, survival horror - Can you escape?

Updates? :P

*Rurr* Hello everyone, last time I played this, it was still an early demo, possibly alpha - Gave the game a go again during 'Beta' to see how much has changed if any - though I'm definitely wanting to ask if there is infact an ending already in the game if you collect all 12 pictures, or if its just in-place for an ending that will be added later? Outside of that question, hope people like my newest gameplay

Thanks :p

*Rurr* Hello everyone, I'm definitely enjoying the spookiness that can be found here, unique and deep sounds and ambiance that helps build the atmosphere, unlike most other indie horror RPG's which sorta, don't have any tension, you know? I've already theorized 2 endings but I shall keep going and win - Hope people enjoy my gameplay with the totally original thumbnail.

Hey, looks interesting, but I mostly specialize in indie horrors, hope it succeeds and gets good attention though!

*Rurr* - I gave the game a go and tried it out, a lot shorter than I was expecting, reminds me a bit of Into the Gloom - am sure there's a lot that could be expanded if this game sought to become larger than its 48-hour form, but who knows :p

*Rurr* I gave the game a try, my critiques, positives and negatives, overall review and commentary can be found within, part 2 will be shown tomorrow  :P Hope everyone likes.

*Rurr* I gave the game a shot, it looked intriguing, I'm also glad the ending wasn't some predictable 'Forever Limbo~' type of plots :P Had a fun time figuring it out, although as I played I made theories on how 'different endings' could have existed only for it to turn out linear, was a bit of a bummer only in the sense that it feels like this game or games like this would have numerous endings depending on your actions.

*Rurr* Hello everyone! Little bit of a late comment, but I played and enjoyed this little teaser, although I did run into a funny bug as I show at the beginning of my video below - Hope people enjoy!

Thanks for the tip! It'll be very needed. It was getting rather frustrating, my criticism (I'll be uploading the gameplay and you can see for yourself) is the feeling that there is minimal guidance, as I illustrate that I hate 'hand-holding' in games, but I felt there was not enough direction given on the many items I had, none of them really felt like it had use that made sense - that and the characters' ignorance of his situation got a bit annoying to me, lol. I'd explain it as, he's incredibly dense after his aunt drugs him (or he drinks a cup that ain't tea, simply) and he wakes up ignorant of why he was Date-rape-drugged essentially by his aunt? She Bill Cosby'd him! Probably woke up with a loose butthole afterwards! (I joke). What bugs me asides from that is the protective nature and anal perspective I see that he doesn't want to use any item to say, destroy the house/paintings in any way - unsure why, it just bugs me.

Wallpaper looks like it's meant to be pulled down - I get told it's nothing special EXCEPT the one in the main lobby?

I want to see if I can cut the painting, if there's a safe behind it, as, point and click games are about trial and error and guessing a lot, but most of my guessings were being told "Noooo! I don't want to smash that! Ruin that painting! Dear lordy no!"

And to me I'm like: "Guy, you're in a haunted fucking house, or a house with demonic possessions,  a demon thing in the fireplace and an Aunt that's trying to kill you, and you're prioritizing how much you don't want to smash windows and are trying to protect and preserve the house at all costs?" It's just paintings! It's just wallpaper! (More or less just a nitpick/rant perhaps on the choice of wording, rather than being told it won't be effective, but making the character sound like a Peaceful saint of the house, the belongings, and his own sense of security.) Since I'm sure in my mind? I'd be trying to smash my way outside the house, the front door locked and the windows barred? So what! lol

Created a new topic Any further to go?

Wanting to know because I played and recorded up to getting the note to reveal the Glyph, but have absolutely no idea what to do with it, nor have an item for the washing machine or to get rid of the worm-demon thing. Is the Preview done for me, or is there an end-game to the Preview? It's rather frustrating as there are no hints or uses for any of the items.

*Rurr* Hello everyone - I have given this game a go and finally released it :P Hope you enjoy and anyone else who watches it.

*Rurr* Hello everyone! I had fun playing this, although it is considered short, the first and lengthy process of finding out what you have to do may vary - I made a long playthrough of my first experience and it was, both interesting to learn and find out where I have to go, but also embarrassing! Gah! Had fun though!

*Rurr* Hello everyone, I tried out this game - although I do have some feedback/reviews/criticisms (Much about the game being Free at first - and for a Demo, and then costing Money to 'Buy a demo' makes me question the motives behind this - outside of that question and concern? A semi-unoptimized game, but it's a demo that has depth in it.

No worries! And it's not so much a review as much as I'd say I give walkthroughs with commentary - and give 'Final thoughts' and feedback at the end of the series.

I always support things I love ;P

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*Rurr* Hello, I'm gonna give the game a try, it looks very, very strange....but I'll be sure to check it out and give feedback and try to beat it >:O

CAN'T WAIT. I NEED MOARRR Lore, Mystery, roaming into the dark unknowns and the morbidity of the game. It's that 'mystery' and darkness that attracts me to the game. It doesn't hold your hand, not everything can be predictable, and the universe is basically against you, or at least feels that way. Surviving, or dying and retrying and getting better and figuring the patterns, is what I love :p

Can't wait for the next update then, I'm sure I'll replay and re-upload a new series for each update. xD

*Rurr* I have played this game and ran into a Catastrophe.

Sounds good, will do!

*Rurr* - Gave the game a try, liked the atmosphere, my only criticism is it's TOO SHORT! It built up tension but - if only the game was a bit longer and had something 'actually' spooky in it :( Outside of that? Short but tense.

xD what?

*Rurr* Hello there! I gave the game a play, although I was hoping for a bit more - I found myself attached to the main character and their woeful development as time progressed, the ending leaving me a bit sad - hoping I could've changed the outcomes - but, it was a good ride, good voice acting and quality.

Woo~ buggiest walkthrough! ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED!

Anyone curiously stumbling on this page should definitely give this game a go - It's punishing like Dark Souls, Darkest Dungeon and has deep lore and difficult but addicting combat - If you like dark indie horror RPG's? You owe it to yourself to play this - I of course can't wait for more content :P I was able to painfully learn the ways of the game that was at first, very punishing, then learning the ropes until I could simply destroy all the Teaser-version enemies - (Can't say I'll be as confident with New enemies that have abilities and deadly attacks that I won't be aware of) - Every new enemy and situation is a new danger that can lead to an untimely death.

Hmm, good to know then, and thanks for the response - can't wait for more, all I sorta have to figure out is if praying to the alters, sacrificing, and doing any such things properly via learning about the lore of the Gods can present anything substantial, observable, or beneficial or not - such discrete things prove difficult for me to learn outside of trial and error. I still feel that even though you claim the game short? I can see myself getting 5-6 videos done on this alone due to both, the content that clearly is crammed into it - and of course the difficulty.

*Rurr* Hello! I played, critiqued, reviewed and had some fun with this demo/game, my experience, commentary and silliness is in the video below ;P

*Rurr* Hello Everyone! Well, to start things off, I'm always quite critical of 'P.T. Clones' and I'd argue that I get the vibes of RE7 and P.T. from this, but given that it was just more or less a 'Demo' or, Tech demo for resume-like purposes? I gave it a bit more freedom and be less critical, that and it being 9 weeks of development - was very atmospheric, the only thing it was missing was originality under the prospect of its own world, lore, story and such - still, a fun experience!

Created a new topic An amazing and unique RPG!

Been hooked to try to find out where the Ending of the demo/teaser could be, but easily? This is a REALLY hard game, and unforgiving due to the enemies at the get-go, and there being no saves. I'd assume there's no save option in the current version in any sense? How close am I - the furthest I got was somehow sneaking my way down to a rusted-bloody jail area in Level 3, below the corpse-hallway and pull a lever - died afterwards due to poison so I have to try again and find my way through it....perhaps without sacrificing the little girl next time xD I definitely want to continue playing this as much as possible though, It's like Darkest Dungeon but, more morbid and difficult :l


Hilarious, and comical in showing both insanity of humans and Gods alike :p Well, with a quote from none other than Vaas. ;D

So far I'm giving it a go for a series, interesting a bit so far - though my critique would be that the 'Enemies' being, all just pixelated and 2D breaks the horror immersion of what could otherwise be a bit spooky

*Rurr* Hello everyone, I gave the game a go, definitely a bizarre experience, reminds me of Alice in Wonderland in many ways, just a lot darker in atmosphere.

I gave it a go, at the very least I can say I don't regret playing it - and I could tell you all had fun with the process of making it.

Doesn't work? Launched it, it's replaying my voice for unknown reasons in-game? I tried hitting all buttons and I don't move in it? Just viewing a Green screen with meters flickering everywhere and I can't do anything?

*Rurr* Got the final part of Chapter 2 and the Cliffhanger - final thoughts and critique inside ;o And some comedy.

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....The fuck is wrong with you? Get this shit, your spam, your sad attempts at just 'spreading' yourself like a Cancer in the most pathetic attempts to gain attention - disingenuous. Who'd want to subscribe to someone as desperate and spammy as you? Show more respect, to yourself and to those around you.

BAM! *Rurr* Getting back into the series, I have played Chapter 2 and am releasing it in two chunks, I have my nitpicks and my final thoughts at the end, but overall I still am enjoying the unique theme, optimization and quality in the game. Hope you enjoy!

Download ain't workin D: