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So to start off, I'm of course creating a whole LP Series on this, I'd like to thank the creator for giving permission for a key - I found it, essentially? Pretty criminal that just 3-4 days ago I looked on Steam to check it out, only to see it had no reviews at the time - then when I begun playing it? I knew it wasn't a shitty game - my reviews/perspective/outlook/praise will be in my series - but overall I'd have to say, there's some rough edges on this game, but, it's definitely a great game, I'd give it 8.5/10 for an indie horror. Inside this thread I'll update and provide my episodes to it as I release them [/IfIRememberthatis]


*Rurr* Hello everyone, I played and enjoyed a bit of the demo, only can say, curious where the full game will take me!

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*Rurr* Hello everyone! I gave my take on the gameplay, unsure if everyone else did this same but...oh boy, did I ever turn what likely was a story of domestic abuse, into a lewd commentary-filled joke - had fun! Hope people enjoy the commentary :P

Prior, it had said that the Dropbox link had expired, the direct links in the other comment works perfectly, both of them. Thanks!

Download links do not work.

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Download links don't work.

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- Specs I use are:
CPU - i5-4670K - 3.4GHz Quad
GPU - Gigabyte Radeon HD 7970 3GB (AMD 280x)
RAM - G.Skill Ripjaws X - 16GB DDR3
Windows 10, 64 bit.

- Wasn't criticizing one-shot death moreso, but just the, abrupt and anti-climactic 'feeling' it gives off by dying. It's simplistic compared to others, basically?

- Well, I'm not master of rotations and game design with mouse integration so I'd not be able to give suggestions or help there.

- Slenderclone statement - Well, it's how I feel, others could share your sentimentality, so if the game goes on Steam and people disagree with me, that is all well and fine. I have picky tastes and I know that. Though I can also see many who may agree, so the proposition that it could be a make-or-break depending on both Timing, and Mood of the community and the way the game is portrayed, advertised, etc? Is crucial.

- Indeed, the house, although it isn't relatively small, it isn't large enough to have it fully out in the open at the get-go, or people could just speedrun it in 1-2 minutes, without a doubt. A suggestion then that may not 'feel cheap' or make very little sense could be if alternative creatures, lore, is added that introduce the idea that 'Things in the house want to help you, and are against the Wendigo, or simply want to have fun by playing games with both of you" like little Gremlins that scatter the evidence/recordings in boxes, even with perhaps a necessary puzzle - or additionally-needed Key to open it. So you play Cat and Mouse with one mechanic of creatures hiding what you seek - and only giving it if you meet their requirements, whether puzzles/keys whilst being chased by the Wendigo and needing to be cautious of where its location is. If it's just You and Wendigo, it leaves you little room. A suggestion of 'additional characters/creatures' makes it so you have more room to explore 'Why/how/what'. Hell, even that creepy doll that moves and stares at you, if not used for other things, could be the one leaving you the evidence, the clues on where, when? Is by little footsteps and noises it makes, or if within a radius, you hear it, see it in the distance at the corner of your eye running around a corner, hinting 'it's this way'.... If not that, to trick you into leading you to where the Wendigo is if not paying attention to troll you. Potential always exists where ideas exist. If at least that, or similar were introduced, it'd not seem lame - but enhance the story and lore and atmosphere all in one, but it'd require more work, of course. At the end of the day, such work is always appreciated by consumers and those who recognize the effort put into a game, the little things go a long way.

If not that I'd just boast that I leak ideas and suggestions like diarrhea so it's never an issue for me to think of workarounds or fixes - I just don't have the coding and dev-skills to implement those ideas.

Thanks for handling my criticisms maturely.

Bought the game, as I thought it looked promising. I was left disappointed. So I'll leave my critical thoughts, feedback, and I'll be uploading a video going through my frustrations later.

- Game is definitely unoptimized, had to turn everything down to low, and even then it would have drastic lag spikes and an FPS of around 10-15 while other random moments? Smooth - lowering the visuals to minimum barely helped it.

- The creature is.... quite a bit lame, there's no spook to it. It's just, you get touched? You die - gg, you dead - replay? No atmosphere, no sound effects for death, nothing like that. Ontop of that, the creature is a moron, you close doors and it just backs off and acts like "Shucks, the door cockblocks me from chasing the guy!".

- Holding E to activate a mouse that isn't visible to open/close doors is problematic and open/closing doors feels bad.

- What the developer fails to tell you what the game basically is? Is a Slenderman Clone in a House - but even worse, and for $5. I've seen better things for free, I'd request a refund if I could, honestly. Now why I say it's a bad Slenderman clone is? The GOAL of the game? Is just to collect 10 Recorders (Instead of 5, 7 or 10 Pages) and the incredibly lazy stunt that is pulled is that the Recorders you have to collect before leaving the house? They are scattered in select locations to be found - ONE at a time. Only ONE will be VISIBLE at a time, you FIND it? Then the 2nd will Magically appear in any of the rooms, hallways, or places you've already been in. They are invisible or non-existent until you find one, then the '1' next one appears, rinse and repeat. It is a poor way of extending the length of a game, that would then? Only be 10-20 minutes in length. The fact that the Recorders are INVISIBLE and ONLY appear after you grab one, is stupid. Slenderman, at least all the pages were visible and collectible based on whichever you can get to first. In this? You have to comb through the whole house for 1 recorder - find it - then Re-comb the house to find another recorder, rinse and repeat. That is horrid.

None of this is mentioned in the store page description, just this vague one: "The Wendigo - is a first person investigation horror game set in a Victorian era mansion, located in the heart of a forest. You must rely on your instinct and intuition to survive the horrors that lie within. With tools to aid you, you will seek answers, but will you survive?" - "Upon arriving, you and your team begin to setup for the investigation. After you finish unloading and assembling the command station you realize none of your friends have returned from preparing their areas...you must now find out what has happened to your team before their fate becomes your own..."

*Rurr* Hello! I made a Let's Play of the demo! I decided not to take the pill :P

*Rurr* Hello everyone! I, like many others in the comments, made my take and a Let's Play on this game, it's very creative and something you'd never possibly imagine being mashed together - old fashion cartoons and horror - with the exception of suicide mouse - an old creepy pasta I do recall.... Outside of that? Can't wait for moar of this

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*Rurr* Hello everyone, I mad a 2-part series on the demo (I know right, more than 1 video for a demo? What?!) and I thoroughly enjoyed it - feedback and review included with my commentary while I mildly-calmly go through the unknowns of the game - Part 2 will come later today and include my final thoughts, hope people enjoy!

Though bare in mind, I haven't adjusted to the game to....understand it, so this isn't a review at the moment - it's simply my Part 1 of me trying to figure out and play the game and discovering the mechanics for those interested and wanting to possibly buy the game and wanting video footage to first see if it's worth it - I hope I can help make that call - though be warned, this game broke my brain. I'll NOT say the game is bad, as I can tell there's a lot of dedicated work in it .... but I have to put more time to actually UNDERSTAND it. You'll know what I mean if you watch or play it yourself.

*Rurr* Hello everyone! I made a Let's Play for this game, and have my commentary and indepth thoughts and review for the game, it's in two parts. I'll leave my first part to the game here for people to find which gets into the start of the game - Had fun, any of my criticisms can be found in the video, hope people enjoy!

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*Rurr* Hello! Here's Part 1 of my playthrough of the game, found it interesting although my only criticism is my original hypothesis and hope that there'd be numerous types of monsters with different playstyles coming after you, rather than just One the entire time - other than that, I'd hope to maybe see a game like this expanded upon! :P

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Playing this game and I got one ending - defended myself, but all the game gave me was a big wall of Font I can't read - so I wanted to ask you dev, is there a way to translate the words into English? Lore/story wise? stones/items that allow me to decipher it or something? Are there changes or a big difference between the endings? Or me defending myself was a bad ending?

*Rurr* Hello everyone! Upon seeing the game uploaded here, I've always known about the game, but was holding off from playing it but decided - ah the hell with it, I'll start it now :P the result is my Let's Play on the game, hope everyone enjoys Part 1

*Rurr* Hello everyone! I made a Let's Play of this game, it was quite strange, to say at the very least! Reminded me a lot of Stanley's Parable at first, then it just sorta went left-field and I have no idea. lmao

Best game ever.

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*Rurr!* Hello! I made a quick Let's Play with this game, was fun! Being a floaty ghost and everything :P Should make a continuation and make more advanced versions where it's larger, more enemies coming after you ;O More evil!

*Rurr* Hello there! Made my Let's Play of this game, was finally able to release it under my busy moving-around-everywhere-schedule. xD Hope you and everyone who maybe watches enjoys it!

*Rurr* Hello everyone, I made a video on this game at long last ;P Enjoyed it and can't wait for more from the series. Hope everyone enjoys.

*Rawr* Hello! I made a Let's Play of your game, hope you enjoy my playthrough :P

Being that you need people to use a Leap Motion Controller or Oculus, but you need grades via comments, you're sorta limiting your audience market since not many will have that except for larger Youtubers w/ lots of money to throw around - so, I think one of your bigger options is trying to send a copy to Youtubers you know that have the necessary equipment to review it, bring it to Their attention through emailing them.

I always need a stronger fix - personally, haha. The game has the potential of just making people paranoid of 'what if' something is behind me, since its first person and has slow rotation, it leaves you susceptible to potential 'attacks' to the mind - whether that be subtle jumpscares or things, ghosts, sorta like a The Shining, 2 girls down the hallway eeriness - type of horror. That's at least what I get the vibes of.

Uncanny Valley and long hallways are a good subject.Sound effects of things that suggest something really is behind you, or events when you look into a room - opening a door perhaps could lead to unexpected things? A doorway in this games' instance can be a gateway to infinite possibilities, especially grusome or unexpected things. A bloodied room? A black shadow that's waiting and walks towards you and you want to just close the door asap? List could go on forever with Hallway horror audio aesthetics and doorway room-differences, I'd argue :P

*Rawr* Hello! I made a Let's Play of this game and was able to beat the puzzles >:O I enjoyed myself, though I wish there were many secrets or eastereggs to be found, or multiple endings, which feels like that'd be second-nature to strange games like this - nonetheless I hope everyone enjoys my video :P

*Rawr* Hello! I made a Let's Play / video of this game, enjoyed myself and gave my own little rant of some things that came to mind at the end of it, hope everyone enjoys :P

*Rawr* Hello! I made a Let's Play of the game, had fun! I'd definitely want a game like this expanded and give more levels :P I reference how it reminded me of Viscera Cleanup and something like this needs moar content! Here's a video of me playing it, hope everyone enjoys!

*Rawr* Hello! I thought to give this game a go, looked interesting, can't wait to get through it all and give it my final thoughts - link below to my video and my playthrough thus-far in a Let's Play - hope people enjoy!

*Rawr* Hello everyone - Just made a new video/Let's Play and got 2 Endings - A True Ending and Bad Ending #2 (Spoilers) - Hope people enjoy!

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*Rawr* Hello! I begun playing your game and am having fun with it, hope to figure out this bizarre story! Hope you and any others enjoy my gameplay

Released the final episode and the rant/feedback, unsure how helpful it'd be, it was just so out there. lol