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Welp, I gave it an accurate title!

I feel the game is limited, based on animations, models, the lack of impact/feedback in the weaponry. Where DOOM you're a lone space marine badass with an arsenal of weaponry (And Quake I'm not too acquainted with, but I know is high arsenal and faster pace) - but this game feels like it's trying to be both, rather than 'Just a Doom-like game'. The weapons feel weak, the enemies move weirdly and some if not all are Royalty-Free models that don't match the area (To me). The soldiers/enemies with guns 'side-step' like they're N64 enemies trying to test your C-Button skills, but enemies in Turok 2 would've had more fluid movement and reason for moving so much to evade attacks.

All in all I'd say the game requires a lot more polish and more things created by you of your own skill rather than copy-pasted in your levels so that you have more control over the immersion and feel of the game, both weaponry and enemies alike so that you can feel the enemies being destroyed the way you want them to - with the guns you want to use.


A Short game, but it's solid and does its job, isn't cheap and it isn't half-assed like many other indie devs who just use royalty-free-everything and it reeks of copy-paste. As someone who plays tons of horrors, something like this has zero faults for the most part.

My thanks!

Giving it a go, wouldn't mind with the itchio purchase if I could also have a Key linked to my purchase and account for Steam if I could ask for it. Thanks! 

My feedback would be, make it so they don't chase so much in the water, endlessly, make them perhaps roam the villages you're meant to pillage without me constantly not being able to get off my boat because 'The one from the start is still chasing me and clinging to the backside of my boat', as because of this I presume either a bug occurred where the objectives never updated, or that I had never found a note or objective item to change my objective from 'Find Lorenzo' to 'Find keys' because I found the airplane - - -but, it still was telling me to find Lorenzo, I quit there, because I wasn't going to drive all the way back to find one specific village of what I was missing, at that point. Getting out of the boat was essentially, 90% of the time, impossible, so I chose not to unless I saw I was alone, none was behind me in the water, and none were in the small huts on the land (Which got me fuel, but nothing else).

Making it difficult and being 'unsure' if one is about to chase you or angrily come charging from the distance is one thing, but, if beating the game involves the NECESSITY of getting off the boat to grab items on land, should make it more friendly to the player to have chances to get off the boat, that they stop chasing you, give some distance temporarily to allow exploration. Otherwise, with all these fixed, it'd be a unique and awesome game.

Gameplay and feedback / suggestions provided :P Pretty decent, for an alpha demo

Oh boy

I almost beat it in my first try T_T The timer takes ALL LIVES feels a bit unfair ;o should only take 1 life. Welp, here's my non-edited gameplay of it, showing my mad movement skills.

I deliberately try to keep myself as Blind and 'unknown to everything' as I theorize everything, otherwise, it's a split episode of a 32 minute total video, Part 2 showing me progress much much further xD Any answers regarding how many endings there are? Or is it just linear? I'd go to think there could be 2 or 3 endings, if not more.

Giving it a go - 

Nah I got it working, your suggestion helped, thanks!

Everything Lynch is strange, I'd presume so even for fans of his xD But I like weird, so that's all well and good :p

Really enjoying it even if I'm not familiar with David Lynch's stuff



No minidump found for this crash.

And the finale just without a secret ending...

I'm a bit confused about the overall story of what happened, but that's just me xD

For a 'First Game' and being 17 this game is definitely supremely high quality, and I can't wait to see what's more to come from you in the gaming industry. I wish to find all endings!

My reactions - 

Fun times ahead with the Elevator Game/Ritual-esque game - 


Abortion is a serious topic........ but I'll be over here laughing and having fun, thanks.

I got a great deal of feedback for the game, hope it helps!

Probably would be good if you had a PC Demo so people could get a feel for the game and to ensure they don't have to be afraid if its buggy or badly ported or not to PC.

Gave it a go, feels pretty classic to some older indie horrors

Giving a playthrough!

Very cool ;O The worms look super 'real' in their own way, though the first enemies look like they're Claymation-type enemies, or are they all claymation  enemies? I have no idea.

I'm curious though with how many endings there are, any Total # you can give me? :P Otherwise, first try gave me normal endings and no bad endings or deaths, woo.

I literally am the only one who can't see it? Very very weird - Here's from my viewpoint - 

So I've been playing to get all the endings and everything, but I think I'd discovered a fatal bug, at the Rotting Bridge part, going Fast or Slow, no matter the choice I make, the driver/blonde guy will always want to drive through fast, thus getting me killed by the woman. Hope this gets fixed so I can continue playing and getting all endings :P of like 6-7 endings too I haven't seen that cathedral yet, is it after the bridge if one survives it? ;o Or elsewhere?

No problem, looking forward to your future

Nothing to apologize over, the more experience you get in puzzles and similar games then the more advanced you can do these things, I'm just familiar with head-scratching methods to 'get all deaths or all something', like in my video series I had referenced 'Don't Chat with Strangers', to beat it was a head scratcher, and especially to get all deaths too as an example.

Wait, dev, did you delete my comment??

Unfortunately the puzzles weren't really THAT difficult to predict, I was expecting genuinely hard and 'outside of the box' thinking being required D: Outside of that, a fun short game though, Part 2 and all achievements in the next video.

Will make a walkthrough/gameplay of it.

Finally made the sequel. The original, proper sequel!

Finding the LAST 2 Buttons were a pain in my butt, the comedy as to why could be found within my playthrough, but summarized? I didn't risk touching what I called 'The underwater hive of bees', but they were Crucial to this task... you can watch my struggles below.

Gave it a play and some feedback, I liked the atmosphere, though felt at least it could have 'a bit more'. I'd also think that you should maybe shrink the name of the game down a bit and not include a subtitle but perhaps leave it for in-game storytelling. Long names make metadata for everyone a bit of a pain :P