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I literally am the only one who can't see it? Very very weird - Here's from my viewpoint - 

So I've been playing to get all the endings and everything, but I think I'd discovered a fatal bug, at the Rotting Bridge part, going Fast or Slow, no matter the choice I make, the driver/blonde guy will always want to drive through fast, thus getting me killed by the woman. Hope this gets fixed so I can continue playing and getting all endings :P of like 6-7 endings too I haven't seen that cathedral yet, is it after the bridge if one survives it? ;o Or elsewhere?

No problem, looking forward to your future

Nothing to apologize over, the more experience you get in puzzles and similar games then the more advanced you can do these things, I'm just familiar with head-scratching methods to 'get all deaths or all something', like in my video series I had referenced 'Don't Chat with Strangers', to beat it was a head scratcher, and especially to get all deaths too as an example.

Wait, dev, did you delete my comment??

Unfortunately the puzzles weren't really THAT difficult to predict, I was expecting genuinely hard and 'outside of the box' thinking being required D: Outside of that, a fun short game though, Part 2 and all achievements in the next video.

Will make a walkthrough/gameplay of it.

Finally made the sequel. The original, proper sequel!

Finding the LAST 2 Buttons were a pain in my butt, the comedy as to why could be found within my playthrough, but summarized? I didn't risk touching what I called 'The underwater hive of bees', but they were Crucial to this task... you can watch my struggles below.

Gave it a play and some feedback, I liked the atmosphere, though felt at least it could have 'a bit more'. I'd also think that you should maybe shrink the name of the game down a bit and not include a subtitle but perhaps leave it for in-game storytelling. Long names make metadata for everyone a bit of a pain :P

Beat it and left my feedback--

And the finale!

This game was way too intense, too scary! Very dark.

Almost 5 days and no ones' played this yet? I don't get it, some people are just anally-selective, it's a good spooky horror, it deeply reminds me of The Silent House but in third person, surviving the Crawford family is entertaining, it's a short but solid experience, part 2 incoming later.

I feel its missing a lot of things, even if a small game, missing out and not adding lore in-game sorta makes it lose a lot of potential imo.

What's to stop Konami from coming after your ass if this is really 1:1 a clone of it ._.?

Ahhh, the old memories, guessing then I could have gotten this supposed secret if I found those numbers and did something with it, HMMM...

Had a great amount of fun, so I had to make a super sexy thumbnail to go with it

Well as is expected with my ignorance of old horror movies - Feels good to be proven wrong, hah. Well, the horror movie buffs out there probably really appreciate those details and touches, as a horror-game-buff though, I'll definitely look forward for more :)

I see great potential in this, though I only had questioned, zombie-arms bursting out of brick walls didn't feel really, Old School zombie? Was that just some crammed-in-ending, at least 'something' due to tight schedule? Or that the zombie-arm-bursting scene would be something more accurate if given 'loosely boarded windows to a dark indoors/outdoors with who knows what's behind it and BAM ZOMBIE ARMS REACHING FOR YOU'?

My thanks for the attentiveness and responsiveness 

Short but cool design!

I think there needs to be a change in how the game sorta penalizes you, the conundrum I'm seeing is, cause I 'actually tried' to beat it this time, is this: 

So, the mother randomly interrupts you , and now there's a Q + Random button prompt to ensure she doesn't scare you, yet this button prompt and the speed at which you respond gets faster and faster the more she interrupts you, it becomes numbingly fast the more she randomly interrupts you, this feels as if she penalizes you based on too much RNG, I'd think the better option is Heavy Breathing = Her showing up more, or heavy breathing (too fast too hard) makes it so you have less time to hit the QTE button, penalizing those who are going too fast.

Instead it feels like if I go too slowly, she'll then interrupt more often - the more she interrupts, the more I'm instead penalized because the first 1,2 and 3 times she interrupts, the button prompt speed demand is Okay and simple, not too hard and not too easy. However, going at a slow, regular pace with the clock means she will within those 10 minutes interrupt you 5-10+ times, and the speed gets ridiculous at how demanding it gets, then your slow 10 minutes of trying to beat the game goes down the drain over and over, making you want to speed up and hope she interrupts you Less since you try to beat the game in 5 minutes or so - but then you breathe faster and get caught depending on the AI and how much she shows up due to breathing.

That and I'd say I've been 'Caught' too many times AFTER the lights have been turned off and a definite whole second after my pants zipper have been thoroughly zipped, she still 'catches' me right after zipping, it feels very unfair and of 15 tries tonight, I was 'caught' with my pants zipped and power off, 4 times. The game is 'possible', but the RNG makes it still feel a bit unfair, a challenge is good - and I don't want my 'Hand held' while fapping, but alternatively, the RNG is making it a bit too problematic.

Very odd game for sure! Should've been Hank Hill! 

And assumingly the last part due to the game currently being incomplete ;o

Thanks back to you :) And not a problem.

Why hasn't anyone else played this? I liked the originality of the setting and the fact that it uses ZDoom / Doom engine, don't see that too often, or good ones at that! Looking forward to more, and here's my Let's Play :P

Very bizarre game! I grew up with Dungeon Crawlers, so I love anything that's a dungeon crawler ;o and also horror, and also just 'strange and unknown' vibes :P So, I made a video on it! Hope it is enjoyed as I have enjoyed

Left some of my feedback for the game in the video for what I feel it could use for improvements! Hope it is enjoyed.

I played it before the update that included the objectives, RIP! Watch me make a fool out of the scarecrow army ;o

Ack - Welp! I'll facepalm for not ever seeing the mirror being interactable, likely having seen that drawers, toilet seats and everything else weren't touchable, I'm guessing my brain just disabled any form of curiosity that a 'Bathroom mirror' of all things would be, where all the other ordinarily-openable things weren't interactable.

After seeing the body, find the screwdriver and maybe-grabbing the Wifi code, I see zero items to help me progress further? I unscrewed the hatches but found no item to help me progress after looking through the house numerous times, perhaps the item is missing? Assuming there's a key somewhere.

How does this differ from the first game, is it an Extended version, the same story but with much more?

A huge Load, you say?

Was about to say, yeah, the game I downloaded was infact impossible, having refined it down to knowing it becomes impossible at 35% - upon uploading this, I find you already uploaded an update - so I gotta hope that one is really fixed.

Glad you enjoyed and hope you continue to! :D

I am super stoked for the full game ;o

Oh of course, I have high praise waiting in my video series I'll be releasing slowly :P Well, one theory I'll have is whether or not you'd think that my monitor having a high framerate / hz of 120-144 could be making it so certain frames are skipped? I know many RPGMaker games are 'sped up' or things just get wonky if the code in certain engines, sort of have a failsafe against various computer types that correlate with hz/fps's that are really high. Otherwise, that 'fix' sounds like it should be good, my gameplay, I believe part 2 or 3 when I release it, will show what I did and what happened and didn't happen.

And yes, there is static after the gift shop in that hallway, just it never initiated that 'Cutscene' with the oldman telling me the power went out, I could freely just go back and forth in 'Grand 3,4,5 and 6' without that scripted moment happening. It wasn't until I stood still for 10-15 seconds until he told me it went down.

My theory was, and if it was the intentional method of advancing the story, when the static happens (Prior to the stairs that show the wall/pile of bodies and arms sticking out) that the way to progress the story, and have the camera guys' face appear and advance the story, is that you have to Stand there in the heavy static int he hallway until the power goes out for the story to progress? That's at least what I'm feeling it is. Otherwise, by normal playthrough on the super lameboy, I simply walked across the hallway repeatedly, to the electric room, break room, there and back again as if I was never notified by the camera man that the power went out.