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Neco The Sergal

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So far pretty interesting, minor translation/typos but otherwise I'm curious to see more of the game, will have to keep playing :P

Yeah, it fit really well, I know whatcha mean - tis a shame. A cat huh? Never trust em!

So now my only complaint about the game is, at the end it plays a song that is NOT Royalty Free nor from Chelsea OST that my subscribers knew it to be 'DANGO' - it was instantly copyright claimed, so I had to delete that part of the games' audio. Best to always use royalty free since I presumed all of it was, or that all of the songs were from Chelsea OST (Which is royalty free) yet that one specific song was not.

Had to try and see what I had missed those years ago that this had apparently come out, only to find it on Steam recently. Although I have to admit, based on the trailer I was lead to the idea that the game would feature a narrator that you were meant to frustrate as they ostracize you in-real time sort of like if you combined THIS with Stanley Parable - I think that idea sounds better imho - rather than just 'INSERT FONT AFTER DOING A GOOD OR BAD THING'. If the narrator in the trailers actually narrated whilst you were doing doing the levels as is true with Stanley Parable, I think a game with that design choice would be 500% better.

Not the Luuuube~! xDDD

Thanks, can't wait to see more from you :p And I hope you enjoy the rest of my take/videos  of your game :P

Super cute and maybe just the right of 'spook' :P I enjoyed the game a lot, full series comin' soon!

It looks like a 2-armed Shark trying to hide his face while going: "DON'T LOOK AT ME, I'M HIDEOUS!" while the human tries to persuade the shark that he looks beautiful and he has to accept his appearance and not be so embarrassed.

I had played 003, assuming I ran into a bug where a boss fight didn't happen since things ended abruptly, game was weird and naaaaasty!

I showed your game some love - 

Finally uploaded my Let's Play of it! Wish I had the patience to solve that Lock though, gave a few potential hints at it, would wonder how close I was.

An interesting game, though I had a few criticisms regarding the story that I talk about at the end, outside of that it was a decent horror that reminded me of Dead Darkness in a way.

100% Everything done! Woo~! and best of all, ZERO DEATHS. [/Pewds Would be proud]

Excited, got 100% and ZERO DEATHS- Will share the video and upload my gameplay in time :D Had fun, feedback will be within.

Giving the Demo a go! :)

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Oh I see what you did in terms of the Metroid-'reference' in the tags :^) Clever. I'll be sure to go for 100% since I saw a map DOES exist xD Spent a lot of time being confused and thinking there was no map and I had to memorize everything in my head, so I was originally troubled by the idea of being lost and being unsure where I haven't gone yet. As for my thoughts? Very tight gameplay, very fun, Jumping perhaps could use some tweaking? Feels a bit gimped unless intentional so you don't feel too powerful via Jump mechanics.

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Gave the game a go, only criticism would be the AI is - pretty tunky.

Interesting and nicely polished, not super spooky, but curious as to why the Dad has to be so cryptic!

Makes me think of The Birthday Boy


Good luck!

Wait, so it was a bug all along that I simply adapted to in the past version? xDDD and yeah, 144hz. I'll give the new tweak a try, thanks!

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V4 Seems to be a bit, super fast, if not 2x or 3x faster than what I'd expect - text, movement and top-screen dialogue move at alarming speeds and I'm unaware of how I can slow it down since there's no options menu to increase/decrease it - is this a bug? Seems too fast than what I'm used to from the last version.

Also, bugs found: Defeating a Skeletal monk that has 2 of them fight you, the 2nd Skeletal monk dies when you win the 1st fight? Intentional? Both NPC units died but 1 was left standing upright, but upon using an action key on the enemy, it was a dead body, yet stood.

 - Alchemillia Vol1 and 2 are the same and are both Vol1

More to come.


Oh aye, they love your games xD

Created a new topic A New Horror? Let's Play.

Been waiting for a horror from you that's like Just Ignore Them :P Review/LP and feedback below

Bam! - First attempt at a game? Well, aesthetics of the surroundings/level were, good in a way. It reminded me of 'Like Clay' in a way in 'the Look and feel' although this was rougher around the edges, polish is always a good thing to keep the seams of surrealism and immersiveness from leaking - as one could say. The 'model' you used could've been better, or custom made depending on how creative you are, but those are my only nitpicks :p

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*Rurr* - Made a Let's Play / Walkthrough on this game, and some constructive criticism in my final regarding my thoughts of the game - hope you enjoy.

Annnd the finale!

*Rurr* Hello everyone, I made a Let's Play on this game, although I had to make it a two-part series because I was SLOW and felt like I was dying conveniently while recording! Fun times!

Interesting SCP-like game but with different creatures that aren't, thankfully, just copypastas of SCP's with a different name!

My finale and ending-thoughts! :3

Part 1 of my Let's Play and Review, with ending comments at the end of the next, Love the atmosphere and tension. The Ending, I have a few words about though! - 

Not a problem!  I had seen it and got it while it was free :P But thanks anyways!

A year old and I didn't get to it til now! Added it to my series of K.E, now onto the 4th!

Some gameplay of the game - A bit difficult and luck-based

I liked playing as a Humanoid Raccoon.

A Really intriguing game, can't wait to dig more into it!

I bought the game on Itch.io and am going to be releasing a Let's Play on it - I was wondering if I could also have a Steam Key so I could obtain the Achievements and also have it so I can upload my videos to the Community Hub with it, would be greatly appreciated (As some devs allow Itch.io purchasers to receive a key for Steam conversion).

Had fun, though I think it'd perhaps be better in games like these that have numerous endings, is that an End-game option allows you to achieve the next ending with relative ease, such as reverting to a point in time before the crossroad that activates the other ending sort of aspect - an Optional bonus, not really mandatory, but it'd help share the story and make it more viable so people get everything.