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Thansk :)

A very unique CRPG though I wish there was more info on just how to properly play, but, I'd say the people in the comments give good feedback especially, and summarize many of my thoughts.

Was able to beat it!

Kicked those demons' asses

I just simply deleted the audio so it'd return the video back to not being blocked, nor demonetized, it didn't give me a Strike so there is no permanent damage. Just means anything I say or any audio from that moment is bleached out of existence, oh well.

Not a prob, good you can take criticism like a champ, though I always say any form of criticism with absolute and genuine desire that who its directed to, improves, with no malice or anger towards you/them at the time. xD

Gave it a go, perhaps before an update hit? Enter key was horrible! Guessing it's been changed, as the frustration in my video shows how it was. Otherwise, could maybe use a touch more horror or good ambiance? Could be just me

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I was just hit with a pain-in-the-ass copyright claim by UMG that doesn't simply Monetize your video, it Blocks your video in ALL COUNTRIES (Not a single person is allowed to see MY 33 Minute video because a 17 second song that plays at said-link and time in my video. Remove the song or censor it before uploading it.

Lucky you.

That's a lot more of a reaction than I was actually expecting :o Not a problem! I just hope my playthroughs can be seen as good, and whatnot

So far, it's as fun as I was expecting and hoping it to be - and then some! ;O Moar!

It works now, unsure if it was you finding the problem, or me reinstalling, or me restarting my computer - but I was able to give it a go - will upload results.

Getting into any battles causes a spamming crash, please fix D: 

I narrowed it down to it being caused by my Webcam, it's a Logitech C920, for whatever reason any software I use that activates and turns it on (For recording purposes), the game crashes and conflicts with the webcam drivers.

So, it's the fault of Logitech Drivers, All Webcams, Just Logitech Webcams, or just Webcams as a whole, I will not be able to feature this game on my channel without my webcam, lol.

Will try with apps I normally run turned off to see if it ceases the crashes and inform you.

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I thank the developer for a key, although I definitely would've bought the game had I run into the page during my daily strolls when looking for new indie horrors, people should definitely support this developer!

i5-4670K - 3.4GHz Quad
MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GAMING X
Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD3H ATX
G.Skill Ripjaws X - 16GB DDR3
Windows 10 - 64 Bit

Unfortunately the game crashes 1 to 5 seconds after starting a new game.

Interesting game, bit different, could use checkpoints here and there and some optimization (Game kept getting laggier and laggier as I kept playing). Otherwise, I'll probably see it to the end.

An interesting experience

I'll take the pain and go with it

Very pretty, I'd always be looking for more Spooks in a horror game, but it was nonetheless an enjoyable journey/experience :)

Very enjoyable, good presentation, good ambiance and delivered in a short but sweet package of a game, the only thing I wish is that it was longer so I could technically play 'more of it'.

Hahaha, Cheers :) But - also one more thing, about the Window-talk, you should check out the game 'From Next Door', I believe it's on this site, it featured a 'Window to window' situation (a more horror aspect that delves into the eeriness of at least the situation you bring up). I think such situations of 'similar or homely comfortable situations', are always best for twisting into horror-ideas. I dreaded that window.

As with many people in my comments and my own Playthrough should of course bring out is, no one hated the game and, its as they always say - 'you are your own worst enemy' when its typically in relation to a creative department. Just make something that has depth, isn't half-assed and lazy (Like many other new-arrival indie devs that use Royalty Free assets) and, besides my own take on what I am Harsh about in indie horrors? Spek.Takl is, an Above-average horror game. I'm unsure if what I say will change anything, cause its hard to break out of bad habits, I know this - but, the best mentality to have is to always have both, 'Think on the bright side of things' and 'Think of the worst case scenario' and try to balance them - Release what you make thinking it's good, and for yourself Not to 'Prepare for failure by people telling you what you made is shit - but to look FORWARD to the Feedback, as a means to Grow.

As, what is there to fear or beat yourself up over it? Just a pursuit of nitpicking and perfection? The pursuit of perfection is that of self-destruction. Pursue flawlessness and if someone sees a valid crack in what you sculpt? Then it benefits you, if feedback benefits, why lament or fear 'the worst'? Everything can be perceive-warped to become positive if you try hard enough.

Well, outside of that - it's better to be hard on yourself in the rut of things, as it drives up momentum and 'Pressure', sort of like working out and trying to lose a fatty body where you want to become slimmer or more masculine, you look at yourself and go "I need to do more!", Distress and Eustress balancing is pretty important!

I gave my Let's Play take on it! Hope everyone enjoys.

Gave it a go, maybe stole the food.

Gave it a go - Got 5 keys??

"Build it Anew"

Oooh, you were subbed too? :O Honored. Multiple endings though?! Huh. My brain can't currently conceive what I could do differently ;o I'll have to think about it. Likely something to do with the kitchen knife, hm.

Absolutely loved it, will be sure to follow and play your other games, and look forward to other horror games you make in the future.

You GOTTA release that OST if you made it yourself, I love the ambiance - and of course for the game itself? It's quite the gem, I'd wish to say that the things could improve it is, as is with Diablo games, make it so you can Click & Hold the mouse button to keep moving rather than needing to click every new straight line of path-trajectory, maybe make him a tiny bit faster - though not goofy fast and explain what the task is of what you're doing or trying to achieve by drawing the blood on peoples back. I don't want hand-holding but, at the very least, some lore? some explanation? Otherwise, Can't wait for more from you.

I quite enjoyed this

Someone in my comments said the same thing, rip. Had I known what I was doing made it so 'things would happen' and it is irreversible, then I'd have been more thorough, cause NORMALLY I am a VERY VERY thorough person.

I gave it a go, used my good sense of direction to escape pretty fast and I gave my best (Maybe not so great?) Guess at what the riddle means at the end of the video, I enjoy the overall experience, the sound and antagonist are unique and don't ruin the atmosphere by seeming 'cheap' in the total visual experience. Will be sure to follow your work now.

Looks like I'm back for more

The fact no one else has played this yet should be considered a Crime - when the quality I find put behind this is almost comparable to that of the very newly-renowned game, FAITH. I look forward to more content from you.

Gave it a go, though I am not one for digital novels. I made a cool boxart-like thumbnail to go with it.

I enjoyed it, was short and sweet and more polished than the usual out there