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Neco The Sergal

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Interesting hint!

Gave the game a go, hope people enjoy.

My biggest feedback is the mazes are too large, and that there needs to be more events or impactful moments - or just a smaller maze per level, by the time I played the 3rd area, I was roaming for around 30 minutes and simply stopped due to boredom and not finding my way through the random maze.

If only there was MOAR!

I give my psychological-thoughts while LP'ing, analyzing everything as I go along :P

Fun, but I want to know if there's  definitive end in the game, an objective to pursue, or a bit of story further in?

A great finale, although tons of theories to be had on the meaning

Part 3 and one more for this interesting game - 

Lovecraft and Silent Hill vibes were felt, what can go wrong with a game like that? I can tell effort has been put into this as well. Otherwise, I'm usually harsh on indie devs who make something that to me feels rushed and looking like a cashgrab - this game has passion put into it.

and the delicious Part 2 - 

A few complaints on the 'Restart' function being poorly timed with areas that likely have common repetitions of mistakes and deaths but otherwise a fun little package with a mystery 

I find myself curious on the mystery of what I call a 'Dark Romance' type of horror XD Well, I'll dive in and give my take.

Had a little bit of a bug that could use a fixin' maybe but otherwise, needs maybe more potent horror

Can't wait to see moar to the game

Interesting so far, curious of many things that are going on.

I get VICIOUS Spamming warnings whenever I try to launch the game, followed by overflow warnings. Made me scared for my damn life thinking it was a virus, even then, wouldn't be shocked if it was based on how massive and rapid the Warning popups spammed my screen

Well, I gave it a try but I couldn't necessarily get far, I'd not be amazed if many others who played felt the same way at the same area.

I think I maybe had a bugged version

Odd game, I guess :l I didn't like the unneeded Ear-rape moments, otherwise it'd be a 'quirky game' - the 'Parkour' (Platforming) section would need a bit less frustration-inducing blocks.

Is it linear like I feared or is there more to this selfish blob of a son?

Short I guess, though am sure with a bit of polish and some twists, it could be interesting.

Definitely really difficult, for something so smol of a game, but a really unique game - but of all the 'Enemies', the most fierce enemy is the screen turning off randomly, any manner of preventing this?! >:L

A bit odd, and very quick

Strange game, but that's to be expected.

So wait, was the 'Amulet' just invisible or not there until you Fail once? I sorta don't like that since I saw the amulet during editing wasn't where it was, either that or it's randomly placed and I didn't see it? Game forces you to lose/die to the countdown on purpose? :l

And Part 2

Oooh the stuff that's gonna be coming soon - 

Had feedback/criticisms I hope will help the full game :P otherwise - possibly too easy.

Loving the style and want moar music like what I heard in the trailer :P - Have a 2-part series coming all out for the demo - Hope everyone enjoys.

It is an original idea to me, to make a game and upload it and not expect anyone to play it? Unsure of your history as a dev or creator though - but :P Well, hope to see more things from you. Would be a shame to lose out on potentially inspiring indie devs who can make things that aren't just FNAF/PT/Slender clones these days - anything different and unique will always get my vote.

I had a lot of feedback to give in this game - though the Ending made me think that it could have an interesting story to tell.

Definitely needs moar. Though my only 'suggestion' is that instead of top-down angle on the area/map? It's maybe like Dungeon Master / Eye of the Beholder with Dungeon Crawler visuals instead :o Now that'd be sick.

And I have definitely many questions regarding its entirety

A....Snowman?.... I don't get it :l

Odd game, though I can't say it made someone like myself 'Uneasy' :P

Speedrunners would probably love this so they could zoom by and try to get a low time and high score - though I'd say it needs a bit more love and polish before it becomes super-good. (Like the ghost/enemy not making ANY noise or any notifications of where its at at any time).

I'm not huge on FNAF clones, but I gave it a try - the story could maybe do with some patchworks, I'd say. xD

Interesting game - but, I laughed really hard near the ending - Maybe you'd like that? Unsure.

Yea, it didn't feel obvious to me, I Assumed it was a possibility - but people muttering 'Why bother' and suicide doesn't sound realistic, coming from a guy who also majors psychology xD Which is why visual stimuli would help reinforce an impactful image that the dread took over 'that' strongly imo. Otherwise I could also imagine the farmer just go "Why bother" and sleep it off or become a vegetable. xD Still, I love the art and atmosphere otherwise.