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It doesn't actually erase any data. If you start a new game you'll notice the opening text is different and you will continue from where you let off.

That's the thing, for some reason I had the same text and i started with the dog again. This was the situation:

The game crashed on the game over screen, then i changed the graphics to "stylized" from "low", then I couldn't continue, and my new game actually started a new game.   And this happened after that save point, so i thought it'd have something to do with it, my bad.  

One of the users, Deviantel seemed to have a similar issue, where he F4'ed out of the game after that save point and either corrupted or erased his save. And I crashed out of the game at that point and had the same thing happen to my save data. 

I think the games great , plenty of spooks, i was just salty when i thought the game was making me replay the whole thing over. 

Hopefully it doesn't happen again though, and i can finish it, thanks for reading comments and making an otherwise awesome game.

This sequence definitely needs some precautions to prevent cases where save data is actually lost. It seems,

  • Force quitting/crashing the game before going to game over screen doesn't trigger modified new game sequence
  • Also you really need to save after clicking new game and game spawns you in the save room. If you forget and die, you cant hit continue and new game will actually start a new game.

I'll have to make sure it saves automatically there. I'm fairly sure I disabled the quit button on the main menu during this sequence but I didn't think people would force quit.

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I lost my save to this very bug. I'm so fucking pissed right now. Can I get a save file file for the save point after the giant leech part? Otherwise, I'm going to request for a refund. Just did a "hate speedrun" to get back to that point. How frustrating. The 2nd time I noticed the "save deleted" message on the screen. I suggest that after this part and people quit, make the title screen slightly different to indicate that some kind of mind-fuckery is afoot.