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Very cute game with Undertale vibes in terms of the adorable art style and heartwarming dialogue. I don't know much about the Adventure Quest series but I enjoyed the story nonetheless. Combat is kinda exhausting with the mouse but it would be ideal on a mobile version. Also, one specific comment about the gameplay: it depletes all your mana/energy even if you use a fast/less mana demanding skill, I wonder if that is intentional. This way, it encourages the use of more powerful moves, which might be the intended way. Anyways, I strongly recommend the game if you want to have a bit of wholesome fun!

This game is a gem! It definitely surpassed my expectations by far, and I had very high expectations :) The chat system, various minigames, behaviour of other players; all so detailed and fun, indicating the developer's love for their game. If you like MMORPGs, try it out and witness how it really feels like an online game.

At first, although an accurate simulation of an MMORPG trait, the game might seem a little grindy (which might also be a good thing for some players). Nevertheless, it does ramp up fast as you gain more levels and be able to do more activities. Sm4R really shines when you explore the world. It has a lot of content, although it is only a demo. Try it, you will be addicted!

This sequence definitely needs some precautions to prevent cases where save data is actually lost. It seems,

  • Force quitting/crashing the game before going to game over screen doesn't trigger modified new game sequence
  • Also you really need to save after clicking new game and game spawns you in the save room. If you forget and die, you cant hit continue and new game will actually start a new game.

I just finished the game and gotta say it was awesome! I really didn't want it to end and even started crying during the elevator credits :D

I encountered a weird thing and wanted to ask if it was intentional. In the lab section with the mouse monsters on the corridor, I rushed to the save room and all of a sudden I had the sword from the midnight mode in my hands :O. I thought maybe the game is helping me when I got too much damage or something :D but the sword was not doing much damage to the enemies. I lost it when I died trying to beat the enemies with it. I can't tell if the time was midnight at that moment though it was close, maybe that trigerred it and caused a bug :/ Just wanted to report anyways.

I have v1.0.4 and I didn't get any game breaking bugs. Only other time I thought it was a glitchy situation is that when I got first killed by the eyeless neck breaker, where mice started to eat me. The death scene was very prolonged for some reason, I waited 30+ secs with the bloodstain on the screen and nothing else happening. There still might be issues with the timers I suspect.

Nevertheless, it was a great experience. Thank you Kira for letting us feel the Silent Hill vibes again :)

Hello, I was a little skeptical because of the download size but I finally played the game and wanted to give some feedback. 

  • If possible, you should reduce the size of the game, at least for the demo. 
  • I get the vibes that the game is inspired a little from Dark Souls in terms of mechanics (dodge / attack). I am sure you will improve the mechanics since this is an early test.
  • The game is very hard, I died a lot at the third running enemy. Maybe lowering the difficulty for the demo would result people to see more mechanics before giving up.
  • Dodging feels useless since it wastes stamina and it is more efficient to just walk out of the enemy attacks. Maybe if stamina recharged slowly over time, dodging would be used  without hindering our attack ability.
  • Enemies should do more stuff than just walking to you and attacking.
  • I like the visuals & effects. More variety for the environments would be cool.

Although they need a lot of improvement, I enjoyed the gameplay elements, it was promising. I wish you success!