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I just finished the game and gotta say it was awesome! I really didn't want it to end and even started crying during the elevator credits :D

I encountered a weird thing and wanted to ask if it was intentional. In the lab section with the mouse monsters on the corridor, I rushed to the save room and all of a sudden I had the sword from the midnight mode in my hands :O. I thought maybe the game is helping me when I got too much damage or something :D but the sword was not doing much damage to the enemies. I lost it when I died trying to beat the enemies with it. I can't tell if the time was midnight at that moment though it was close, maybe that trigerred it and caused a bug :/ Just wanted to report anyways.

I have v1.0.4 and I didn't get any game breaking bugs. Only other time I thought it was a glitchy situation is that when I got first killed by the eyeless neck breaker, where mice started to eat me. The death scene was very prolonged for some reason, I waited 30+ secs with the bloodstain on the screen and nothing else happening. There still might be issues with the timers I suspect.

Nevertheless, it was a great experience. Thank you Kira for letting us feel the Silent Hill vibes again :)

That definitely sounds like a timer problem. I'll get that patched soon then. I don't know how the sword spawned. I'll look into that.