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I really like the giant and twisted landscape and the fact I can kill trees.

No I don't mind, but you're also welcome to discuss it here:

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah using the coordinates to get to the barrels is the main objective, but some people use the sonar exclusively for some reason. The game does have a progression and an end, but without scanning the materials and following the coordinates it doesn't progress.

This game reminded me of feelings I forgot I had.

Awww thank you Neco!

The game is impossible without the cheat that you enter on the dead screen and you must also accept help to defeat it.

You use it on the dead screen.

Sometimes Windows limits the ram usage of games made with gamemaker. The only solution I've found is to restart the computer.

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No updates are planned, it is considered complete.

I really like this game's vibe, and it reminded me a bit of Journey. People should start making music videos into games like this.

Really good atmosphere and sound design. I've never seen Unreal get so Lofi and I love it!

Really good, reminded me of Junji Ito a bit.

Thanks! I'll relay the sound design praise over to Jarren.

Thanks for playing! I just put a reversed sound file in the center of the graveyard, it's not really important.

Wow that got me! Great Job!

But I did included code to reset gamma if for some reason it is set all the way down.

I an unable to replicate or find this issue currently.

I think DirectX 10, I think you have to go through's sytem to refund the game I'm not sure how to do it on a personal basis.

No, but you can use a wrapper program to play it on mac.

Thanks for the feedback. I might do what I did with Spooky's and just disable all controller support by default so this doesn't happen and those who are using a controller can turn it on.

This happens if a controller is plugged in but isn't being used. You need to unplug it and restart the game.

You can leave the room and go back and it should fix the issue.

Eventually you'll be far enough away (past the draw distance) where he know's you can't see him even if you're technically looking in his direction.

As long as he's in front of you, the boxes won't technically block your sight of him because the programming is very simple.

When you look away for at least a second Sotiris will teleport within a closer radius to you. The entire time you are in the room with him that radius is slowly shrinking and it shrinks fast if you are not looking at him. He emits a 3D looping static sound that get's higher pitch when you're looking in his direction to let you know where he is.

I enjoyed the demo a lot. The dithering works with the height-mapped textures so well to create such a unique art style. Good luck with the full release!

You can use an Xbox controller if you've got one you can connect to the computer. The update will probably take a few more days to come out.

Sorry it's bound to F until a later update.

?????????????? Sounds like some serious sequence breaking. I'll look into it and try to figure out what happened. Normally it should be, find the doll head, break it and retrieve the picklock, get into the office, the body doesn't matter, the door should be open. I'm guessing you somehow got the area to progress further than it should have and that's why the retina door is locked. There must be a trigger somewhere that doesn't get deactivated properly so it's firing twice. If you want to fix it manually you can use  regedit.msc, go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER, Software, Lag Studios, Lost in Vivo, and change SAVED_LAB_02G to 3. And then start the game. If it is higher than 3 please let me know.

There is no item that triggers the door. You have to find the picklocks and go into Dr. Brundle's office.

You're supposed to shoot the brain.

Yeah I found what was causing the pause issues and have it fixed now. A new build will be available soon.

I'm still trying to figure out why the pause screen doesn't work for some people, and Unity's forced V-sync is on but it doesn't appear to work.

Here is okay or you can email me at

There is a small sequence in between the sewer and subway that uses the same graphics as the tapes. This is tape 1. I did intend for people to speculate what tape 1 was, but I don't what to cause too much confusion so I've just started telling people anyway.

There is a bug it seems if players do not save after this part and quit the game. I'm going to add a onetime auto save to combat this.

The demo was on Gamejolt 2 years ago.

It was supposed to say 1.2.5. Not sure how I typed the wrong number.

Yes well that is the good ending. I'm sorry it's kind of un-fulfilling. The bad ending and 1 other don't include that last chest-hole bois, so that's what I thought you had gotten. I'm not the best at making endings.