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That light projectile has beautiful dynamic lighting  and shadow fx. And physics too, there's a pool table aspect to it. There's an issue with the keys input, cursor up/down scrolls the page TOO while working in the game, not sure whether that's a focus thing, but here's what I used to fix specific key input issues, an onclick handler for the canvas that does:

var mycanvas= document.getElementById('thecanvas'); 


Ok, the keyboard thing appears to be a chrome specific (at least) issue, will fix.

Yeah, there's definitely a pool or even pinball vibe there, though there are no 'real' shadows at all yet, just some fake 'circles on the ground' ones but even just that adds 150% to the look of it.

I'd say, real or not, it's all about perception.  Keys issue seems fixed (or if you didn't change anything then my browser may react inconsistently). Happy Easter!