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Does the "Free Open Source TRPG Chinese Translation Group" translate TRPGs into Chinese, or translate Chinese TRPGs into other languages, or both?

I think primarily English to Chinese, but I'm not 100% sure.

The best bet is likely to ask TW_Coffee_Ghost, but they do have an about page on their website here, which comes out really clearly in google translate:

From that page, it sounds like their priority is open source/creative commons games, translated from English to Chinese.

Also I don't know anything about the Chinese ttrpg scene, but if there's any ttrpgs that have been translated from Chinese to English I'd love to check them out.

Same here! I've been searching for TTRPGs made by Chinese creators for a while!


I don't think most Chinese players would be very interested in turning their work into English, mainly because of the difficulties, but also because there are already enough games in English that it wouldn't be very effective to do so.

Fair! I can see how it would be hard for a translated Chinese TRPG to break into the already saturated English TTRPG market.

That said, are there any Chinese-language Open Source TRPGs you'd recommend, coffee_ghost_TW? I've done some Chinese-to-English translation work in the past...

Do you have a discord? I'm   coffee_ghost#5134

Or my Twitter:

I sent a friend request on discord!

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I managed to press reply now, but I don't know why it didn't work 


If you are looking for something to ask or find, then you can contact my discord: coffee_ghost#5134