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被卡車死神盯上的我只希望享受美好轉生:水泥攪拌車死神-TRPG 團務紀錄 2023.02.19 - YouTube

This is a replay recorded by another player

He said: The person who wrote this game is really amazing

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    Coffee Gho-  企劃主導、社群管理、雜工、買酒

   DC  -  製作顧問、程式主導、大家的把拔

 kk  - 文本、演出指導

  Mary - 角色美術教官

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Looks interesting
can.....i do?

I thought you were going to give it a background

If you need to, you can contact me on discord at coffee_ghost#5134

Google doc limits the Chinese fonts I can use

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Hi, I'm a player from Taiwan.

Would you be interested in making a Chinese version?

My friend and I found this file a few days ago and felt "joy" from it.

We have translated it into Chinese so that more people who are working on it can feel the "cheerful" of it.

If you wish to do so, I have translated the text into Chinese and can give you a copy directly.

If you don't, thank you very much for writing this game that brings "happiness".(of course, I can still give you the translated text, if you just want to see it.)

Do you have a discord? I'm   coffee_ghost#5134

Or my Twitter:

I see that now

If you are looking for something to ask or find, then you can contact my discord: coffee_ghost#5134

I don't think most Chinese players would be very interested in turning their work into English, mainly because of the difficulties, but also because there are already enough games in English that it wouldn't be very effective to do so.

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I managed to press reply now, but I don't know why it didn't work 

If you are looking for users in Taiwan or Hong Kong, some Discord communities may be good, and plurk can also be found.

China's gamers will discuss it on their own "貼吧" or "bilibili".

And if you're looking for forums, the largest TRPG forum in Chinese is called "純美蘋果園".

I think this is probably because TTRPG is not a very popular - or even recognized by most people - game, either in Taiwan or China.

Apart from the small number of players, it is true that Chinese language players are more likely to translate foreign games to play them, and they are rarely published commercially because the market is so small. In fact, most Chinese language users playing DND, COC, PF and other famous and popular systems use "resources" translated by fellow Internet users (in other words, pirated copies or Pirates), they post translations on a number of forums out of interest and for free ).

There are, of course, players who are willing to create their own works, but they are usually published in other online communities (in Chinese, obviously not in English forums) or sold at "fan fairs".

(i try reply, but can't. I dont know why)

Mushi King : Morden ?

I'm starting to feel want printing it out

Don't thank me

You deserve our thanks for making the ones before available as a PDF.

It's rare that I see someone doing the same thing as me



VILLAINOUS is missing a dice?

The good man's last move has two dice

so I....

You have been creating a lot lately

It looks a bit interesting

Can I translate it into Chinese for our community?

惡役千金被放逐了 (The Villainess Is Dispossessed) – 免費開源TRPG中文化團隊 (

I remember the Truck and This Book Will Burn

Can these be put together on the website?

It's me again

My friends run a website called "Free Open Source TRPG Chinese Translation Group" and one of the members noticed this system and its CC Open Source logo and would like to translate it and put it on the website, is this acceptable?


I very much agree with your views on TSL

When I saw it, I thought: "Evil hat? Are you serious?"

Scattered, broken, unrule, extremely skewed in balance

I almost thought it is an indie game that is still in version 0.2 on itch

when open Vehicle Layout

It reminds me of U-boat board game

sheet is so cool

Quite interesting
The title is the words shouted when Team Rocket is blown up in the Chinese version of Pokemon released in Taiwan a long time ago ( the cover)

It looks a bit funny, so I've translated it into Chinese for my friends to read as well.

do you need one?