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This seems to care more about the Tarot elements than before?

or maybe it's just that I haven't read for too long

I like this


This introduction reminds me of The voices of a distant star by Shinkai Makoto

an animation about a couple of lovers who travel the distance between the stars, and the time frame for sending and receiving messages gets longer and longer

it is

This looks a bit interesting

can I translate it into Chinese for my friend ?

unfortunately, I am not able to make that map look better

Genius are you

among the related subjects within 10page, this is the best I have seen

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and, again

The map movement and personal survival design reminds me of Alien RPG.

and it seems to offer that kind of atmosphere and gameplay

It's great.

hope to see a more complete, runnable version later

I found it as CC-SA-BY
So I  translated the key rule part to Chinese

this concept is interesting 

I like it

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That drowing is awesome OwO


I noticed that you wrote "chinesse" on the title of the website with an extra S


I don't mind if you want to use it for selling, please use it as you wish

Based on ..... For no particular reason

I had translated it into Chinese for easy reading

You need that?

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I think he is worth reading. For my friends who are not good at English (I live in Taiwan) I had translated it into Chinese for easier reading.... but only .doc

Do you need that ?

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Based on .....  no particular reason

I had translated it into Chinese for easier reading

Do you need it?

Although I do not mean this

but I sent  a mail

I finished the Chinese translation for my friend

If you need it

That ..... do you need Chinese?

Yes , I finished the translation for my friend

and this「Spend an Insight to:● Add +1 AD to a successful attack roll as critical damage.」

Does this mean an extra 1D6 damage, +1 damage, or throwing another AD to try may be available more damage?

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「When you spend time gathering supplies from a significant location, gain 1D worth of Tinder. After defeating an enemy, you may harvest them to gain 1D of Tinder equal to their CD.」

This means that you can get 1D6 Tinder by collecting at important locations.Kill each enemy can get ND6 Tinder?(N=his CD)

it looks good, and in some parts even better than official.

A good game with a complete setup, making good use of the tarot cards while keeping the theme simple.


Please forgive the monster for taiwan users is relatively meaningless, so only simple processing, and my friend stuffed a bunch of his favorite landscape poems


I am a player from Taiwan

This is a great work, I didn't even think I could present the mood and mystery of Chinese landscape painting in this way before.

My friend also liked it so much that he translated it into Chinese for easy reading (just... many Taiwanese do not read English very well), do you need one?

Isn't this yaminabe?

thank you also for your willingness to communicate with my poor English OwO

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Everyone laughed when they saw the Truck

someone say you were smoking marijuana or something

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I saw the PDF in Chinese
This looks so great
I hope to have the opportunity to use it at an offline TTRPG event in Taiwan.

I've seen your other RPGs, many of which seem to be full of ideas and creativity.

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Some minor typographical problems
The 「謊言與怒火燃於畢宿」 is not align center

This is the translation of the subheading 「lies and fury in the hyades」

You can call it "此書將燃" or "此書必將燃燒", which means the same thing but with a difference in length.

You can decide whether you want to copy it and deal with it yourself or paste the link directly

But I did not put him on the PDF 

This game is beautiful, I translated it into Chinese with my friend and hope to add this section in the COC.

My friends and I are having fun with this game and have translated it into Chinese for easy reading.

do you need a copy?