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Hi, I'm a player from Taiwan.

Would you be interested in making a Chinese version?

My friend and I found this file a few days ago and felt "joy" from it.

We have translated it into Chinese so that more people who are working on it can feel the "cheerful" of it.

If you wish to do so, I have translated the text into Chinese and can give you a copy directly.

If you don't, thank you very much for writing this game that brings "happiness".(of course, I can still give you the translated text, if you just want to see it.)


Thank you so much! Yes, I would love to provide a Chinese translation

Google doc limits the Chinese fonts I can use

Thank you so much! I will credit your itch profile - are there any other social media I can credit?

If you need to, you can contact me on discord at coffee_ghost#5134

I thought you were going to give it a background