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I was in this game! 

Krampus ate all the cookies.

The robot running the toy factory got overthrown by an Luddite elf rebellion. 

The friendly worker elf impersonating Saint Nick was assassinated (by a  penguin?). 

The eldritch entity known as Rudolph escaped from his cyclopean cryo-tomb. 

Comet's understudy took over Christmas and rebranded it to be entirely reindeer  themed.

10/10 would kill Santa again.

I'd personally recommend "The Night Land" retelling by James  Stoddard, which  updates the archaic prose/characterization of the original and really lets the "Far future Earth where  the sun has gone out and horrors swarm around the final fortress cities of humanity" setting shine.

Hmmm...I'm getting vibes  of Dark Souls,  the Night Land, and  that  BLAME! Manga in the description of this setting?

What you described was exactly what I was hoping to make with this game :)

Very glad you liked it!

I sent a friend request on discord!

Fair! I can see how it would be hard for a translated Chinese TRPG to break into the already saturated English TTRPG market.

That said, are there any Chinese-language Open Source TRPGs you'd recommend, coffee_ghost_TW? I've done some Chinese-to-English translation work in the past...

Same here! I've been searching for TTRPGs made by Chinese creators for a while!

Does the "Free Open Source TRPG Chinese Translation Group" translate TRPGs into Chinese, or translate Chinese TRPGs into other languages, or both?

Hearing that you liked this game and its setting warms my heart! I'll continue to play-test and iterate the rules of "Sauropolita" so you can gain even better experiences playing this game in the future. :)

Maybe the name of this game's fictional theme park could be tweaked a bit so it doesn't get conflated with the James Gurney books?