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Who makes these vids and how are they not considered illegal?

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The user says that "all credit goes to TheComicalMelon." So I looked up TheComicalMelon and I couldn't find any videos in the user on the search about Baldi, but the video did appear in the search. Just so you know, the search link is If you could find the original video for me, that would be great. Oh, and I also checked

About criminal offences, I went to because it was a random result on Google Search when I was trying to look up a list of crimes. I watched the video again to try and figure out what was wrong with it, knowing that the creator obviously didn't have AEWVS in mind because it's way too unpopular. So far I've found that:

1. Based on, it sounds like this is one of those filler videos similar to Pluto Neon's clip of Marzia running at a supernatural speed due to rage, because it doesn't seem to be directed at anyone in particular, so anyone can just use this and direct it at anyone else, making them look bad. This can be considered bullying, especially because it seems humorous due to it being a video of Baldi doing an L dance to

2. ear rape music. Take my word for it, I'm honestly sure that out of the 7 milliard humans on Earth, at least one of them was severely deafened/injured due to an ear rape video. So I went to, and the results were actually pretty sensible. But then I saw the part where the people behind the meme would probably only get laughed and angered at if they actually went to court. I've just spent half an hour looking up civil liability and I'm not any closer to knowing what happens if an ear rapist posts more of the possibly physicially harmful content. I believe they may be sued, or gone to court.

I think people may be able to use this to bully others, put them down and give them a hard time. I've already proven that dabbing is against the law in some ways (bullying, harassment, terrorism) so I can darn well prove a video of Baldi calling someone a big loser with ear rape in it can be illegal to some extent as well. I was gonna provide a link to show proof but my comment was deleted during Mum's parenting rampage because I'm no good at being social and should just stay away or I'll say and/or do something very very inappropriate (video's here:

I think that some of the crimes fitting for this video based on the list of crimes are battery, child abuse, cyberbullying, disturbing the peace/disorderly conduct, harassment and vandalism. That's 6 crimes right there. And yes, I did check all the pages that obviously had something to do with violence, bullying and...vandalism. This video could very well get someone in trouble, but in general the main thing getting it bad is the ear rape. Anyone can be hurt by ear raping, but the video seemingly does not have any value unless directed at some certain individual.

Lemme watch it again...

Now that I think about it, this video could also have aiding and abetting fitting it too, because it's a thing that can be used for the other crimes like bullying. The fact that it's there can help other dodgies use it as a criminal tool of sorts, using it for more of the criminal activities listed above. I say this because it's meant to bully someone, and you know how deep bullying can go, but at first it's not directed at anyone in particular. It's only when the people start using it and playing it at certain people that the people get offended.

But to completely make sure, I'm gonna chat with a USA police officer. I might get in trouble for this but I live in Australia and it doesn't really matter. Seriously, I'm gonna do it. Help find the original video OK?

Terrorism could be fitting as the video has the potential to harm hundreds of people around the world. But I haven't looked into it.

Also, I couldn't really find a USA police site thingy. There was just this United Kingdom thing.


Damn. Good work of research. 😅👌🏻


Hey, good morning/evening/afternoon! I'd like to clarify, yes, I did make the animated gif. I don't think any legal action has to be taken, since it was just a simple meme. I didn't post any of my gifs on Youtube, people posted it for me. I made the Baldi 3D model, and I ripped the animation. Simple, really. I don't think you should've gone this in depth, but I definitely appreciate it. I don't mind people stealing my meme, at least maybe 1 or 2 are crediting. ^^

You know, I think, you,

Shouldn't of come all the way here, just to look at my comment.

Um. Yeah.

This is getting cringy

bruh moment


These kids are stupid, because Undertale was created thanks to Touhou, Minecraft is inspired by a game (I forgot the name) which had the same concept to be so popular, I can quote many more examples . It could have been said that Zun is a plagiarist and that Toby Fox plagiarized a plagiarist. What many people do not know is that it's called inspiration, and because of this way of thinking, the man could evolve.

I suggest killing those kids before they breed. Just kidding.