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i can play the game and its super fun but always when i get to the to the boss that is so big and have that have lech it always lags like 1 fps all the time  even at the lowest settings possible it laggs so pls do more optimaziton 

other than that the game is super awesome 

Edit: i managed to kill that laggy boss by doing kinda a glitch the game is so laggy that i can come behind him before all his parts spawn so it was easy killing him and then i killed the last boss and finshed the game 

i have a good idea wouldnt it be cool if the last boss had every thing from every sepices  so tht he can be really strong cuz the last boss isnt even a challnge

Hey, thank you for playing our game!

We have optimizations for that boss coming in Early Access version. If you've played in browser, try downloading the game, it should have better performance.