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Oh no, I'm so sorry about that. We'll be sure to go over what happened there and get it fixed!

Hello, it's been a couple of days, but it is still not fixed. I still can not do the "be my boyfriend " date. Is everything ok there? I'm worried that  will not be possible for me to play the game. I hope it can be fixed <3

We've been trying, but the problem is that you're getting an error because of something that isn't there in the code. On our ends we do have that code and we can't replicate the error. Maybe something went wrong specifically with your download of the game. You could try deleting the game, reloading it, and starting a new file. I know that'd be quite inconvenient, but I'm not sure there's any other way to get your game to notice the code that's already there. I'm sorry about this!

I did that already, both in stream and here, but it doesn't work. It's like i don't really deleted it, when i download it again all my progress is here saved, like if it was never deleted. Don't worry, it is not inconvenient, the game is great, i am a super fan of otome games, this is one of the best that i have seen, i can relate almost 100% (just the flirt part that is not like me) with the MC. I was really happy to play it. Do you know how i can delate it completely? I don't mind losing my progress and play it again, the cheats are there make this part faster. Thank you very much for everything :D

Thank you so much for being so understanding! I'm really glad you like the game ;v;

You can delete your save files by hovering over them and pressing the delete key on your keyboard. Then you can start a new file with the new build you downloaded. It's fine if not all the information is wiped clean, so don't worry about going that far. As long as you start a fresh file, it should be alright.

Ok, i will try it. Again, Thank you  <3

Good luck!