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I do like the setting and story. I read it in my most mysterious and savage announcer voice and it sounded great! Also, the title is superb.

It looks like you meant for the sun-heir to also participate in the seeking. There's a little confusion for me in the third to last line of text. Additionally, and I'm sure this is up to the players, there's no clarity on how many rounds of trials should exist. The wording makes it sounds like one trial per player, but with three traits, there is no danger of losing anyone. I would suggest a complicated math of two rounds of trials per player, plus a further number of trials equal to half the number of players, rounded up (2x+1/2x). That guarantees at least more than one death. Haha!


So I lost access to the internet soon after making my submission, and then forgot about this until I logged in recently. I wanted to thank you for your feedback- it's definitely true that my math didn't check out. I should have done a bit more thinking about that, but the time crunch and having to decide what descriptive text to keep and what to get rid of was really consuming. 

If I post this again somewhere, I'll be sure to take that into account. Thank you!