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We wish there was more to it too! But four days is only so long and real life does exist so we had to cut quite a few of our initial ideas to get it out the door in time. FYI, there's a How-To-Play window accessible from the title screen, hit ESC to make it show. If I update it post-jam, I think it would be better if it were also accessible from the main game and a bit clearer, but I didn't think of that in time. I already knew how to play. :) If you've got specific ideas for what you think might be a good "more to the game," I'd love to hear what that might be.

Oh...i didnt realized it until now, yes, indeed there is a how to play screen in the title screen, my bad. Tho it doesnt say all the sceneraios, i had several different winning messages, and i didnt know what they ment until i keept getting them. Also sometimes i won without doing anything, perhaps a glitch of some sort?

You can maybe expand this game a bit more if you find something interesting to implement, i would love to see it. I cant think of something, but perhaps your brilliant minds can come up with something.