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teacher idea name: milagros bambi

subject he teaches: biology

how he works: works somewhat like hello neighbor in which he has no clue where the player is. if he finds you, they activate the chase where the teacher is at your full running speed for 10 seconds, then returns back to his spawn.

how the notebooks work: you have to give facts about biology (multiple choice) that are true, sort of like the history notebooks. one of the questions will be about biology but all the questions will be -03i483498u4njerr type things.

what he says when he gets mad: "This is going to be a terrible night for you..."

how the final chase works: you have NO stamina and have to walk while the teacher is right behind you to the door, but! you have to solve solvable questions along the way. if you get one wrong, the teacher will speed up to light speed and catch you.

other characters:

 mimicking matthew he goes into the shape of an object, if you pick up the object that is mimicking matthew, then it will drain all of your stamina and half of your sanity.

randy roach: works exactly like milagros bambi but only spawns after you get 7 out of 10 notebooks.

how you escape: at the end once you answer all the questions, the teacher makes you collect 3 wires around the map, no chase. then you fix the down button in the elevator, go back to strobovski's floor, and escape the school.

thats my idea for biology 


I wanted to make biology instead history, and how notebook works: it shows you picture of insect, animal, plant, bacteria or smth else and you need to write it's name.

And for mimicking thing i have other using. But anyway good idea.

Nice idea for a final chase, haven't seen many talk about that end-game concept. His normal chase feels interesting, not knowing where the player is right away and suddenly charging after seeing, great for unexpected scares.

Biology notebook would work if it replaced History notebook.

Like the mimicking mechanic. Thought of this with different negative affects. Grabbing fake item places it in your inventory and "locks" it there for a period of time,  item eventually disappears on its own. Grabbing fake notebook forces the player to complete a minigame, can't exit minigame till completion. Both fake types would influence the teacher upon picking up.