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Argh, I'm trying to finish the language level without Viktor's help (I believe it's possible now with the elevator saving the codes) and every single time Mariza gets me. (Other times it's Doggos) I hope mrdrnose adds difficulty to language soon.


Same here bud. I have been stuck on language forever and i cant beat it.


I will add language difficulty levels in next update.

Thank you! Also, mrdrnose I have some suggestions and bugs for the language level.

- The lighter should count as a prohibited item

- Rusty Fork should be a instant death prohibited item (Maybe it isn't because of the way to obtain it)

- At least some more use out of the Red key besides to escape the Punishment Room and open a door in the Bunker

-I'm not sure if this is a bug or my computer, but when I open the door that teleports back to the start a second time the game just freezes.