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The hint notes that I'm trying to understand are:

- In the Red Room in the Math level (where you find the Key and the Second Arm)

- In the Hallway with the Pizza Room and the Server Maze room (The two you say that the Headteacher doesn't count as "Staff only")

- Beside the door that can teleport you to the Bunker or back to the start of the Language level

I wonder if anyone figured out what the "Hint drawings" in the Red room, beside the Pizza room, and beside the teleporting door in the Language level mean?

Thank you! Also, mrdrnose I have some suggestions and bugs for the language level.

- The lighter should count as a prohibited item

- Rusty Fork should be a instant death prohibited item (Maybe it isn't because of the way to obtain it)

- At least some more use out of the Red key besides to escape the Punishment Room and open a door in the Bunker

-I'm not sure if this is a bug or my computer, but when I open the door that teleports back to the start a second time the game just freezes.

Argh, I'm trying to finish the language level without Viktor's help (I believe it's possible now with the elevator saving the codes) and every single time Mariza gets me. (Other times it's Doggos) I hope mrdrnose adds difficulty to language soon.

Oh, I was hoping it wouldn't have to come to getting THAT particular ending to get there. (I'm not comfortable with that number)

Don't know if it'll grant me an achievement or not. Does anyone know how I can get into the red forest?

There's another secret area now? Better get searching then.

I've found both parts mrdrnose. Though I guess there's a third piece somewhere.

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The Game Console is in 2 pieces. One in the Dead Clown room (Pizza room) and the other's in the server maze room across the hall.

Is there any use for this Lighter item in the Language level?

Mrdrnose I've found some bugs.

Doors that teleport back to the start of the level just place you somewhere else.

In the Language level when you collect the first Math notebook, the ambiance music just stops and you also can't pause the game.

Can't grab some items in the pentagram room or the server maze room.

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Thanks mrdrnose for the latest update to the game! So far it's great!

Some suggestions and bug fixes I have for maybe the next few updates (And hopefully finish up the language level)

Game as whole 

Bug- Headteacher doesn't have subtitles to her 'No running in the corridor' dialogue 

Death screens to Phonty, Doggos, and Sanity deaths

Math Floor 

Bug- Viktor uses his normal dialogue in 'Little Puss' mode (His intro speech) 

Maybe add some furniture to the room with the Blue key

Language Floor 

Difficulties (I say the Language level right now is the normal difficulty) 

Subtitles for Marzia during the first language notebook 

Areas accessible only via teleporting doors (Like the area beside the cafeteria in Math Floor)

Rooms for the Red key 

'Staff only' sign for the room with the shelves and Cross

Special item in the bunker behind the Red key, and Blue key doors

Items that causes characters to instantly kill you if seen holding it (Like Albert's body parts and the artifacts) 

Something that helps you complete the lessons faster (Like Albert the bear) 

School bells to tell when Headteacher is on break

Sorry about all the spaces. Something seems to have gone wrong with's comment poster.

Does anyone here know what the duct tape and cross items are for? I've been finding lots of duct tape pieces in the language level and the cross looks important for some reason to be in the room  with shelves.

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Maybe mrdrnose can make it like the Librarian in the History level where you need to find a certain item to disable it for the rest of the game. The way I see it, the Mannequin looks like another student who was caught by Viktor or the Headteacher and turned into the... thing it is now. It follows the player because it wants the player to free it from it's pain, except little does it know it's mere presence causes the player to go insane. There should be a way to free it and in return it's soul helps you complete the notebooks faster. (Basically, the Language level's versioon of Albert)

While I agree to most of these, I think 4 can be done in a much better way than change a extremely useful item. Maybe the watermelon SCP instead of searching every trash can and locker, can only be found in a special room. (Like the Rusty knife and Black key can only be found in certain lockers in certain rooms)

I'm glad you agree to my ideas. (Yes, I'm the one who asked MIX to post my list here. I've finally decided to create my own account here.)