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Hello, thanks for playing the game and the feedback. The idea of the game is to repeat it over and over again (went for the repetition/reliving the same thing / cycles interpretation of the theme), as you probably saw if you try to escape/die or  prisoner dies( when the black moon/ eclipse passes) you start over. To escape to loop you have to kill the prisoner but there is a catch, you can only interact with the lever that opens the cage and kills the prisoner only when the moon is black... the hint was in the curse but it seems that I didn't make it  very intuitive... "when the moon will be as black( is when you can interact with the lever) as my heart and you will kill your heart ( love/friend the one that is prisoner), only then you can escape".  Hoped this answers your questions. :) 

Yes it did! :D thank you for answering, I gave the game another go and this time it made sense, thank you for explaining it :D I will update the comment now :D