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I loved it. You had me at the menu song. XD I definitely understand about life getting in the way but I look forward to whenever you are able to complete the LE. And I'm sure I'm not the only one! Good luck! (And if you need any help with the writing side of things, I'd be happy to offer up some help anytime--depending on my schedule, of course. :) )

Thank you for the kind words. Have you written comedy leaning work before? How did you hear about the game? Have you seen the LE preview art? I actually got a lot done on the game, mainly needed to do the new pixel art NPC's and animation.

I haven't written an actual comedy before (unless you count my old fanfics, which are hilariously bad :P) but I do usually balance out my darker scenes with lighthearted ones and a touch of humor.

I heard about the game because I finished the trilogy (and Andromeda) and was basically in withdrawal, haha. I figured ME has such a following that surely SOMEONE had made a fan game... and a Google search brought this up pretty quick. :) The new LE art looks great!

I ask because I have been looking for someone to collaborate with on my new game. I would have to read your work to see if we would gel. Anyway you inspired me to post a video preview of the LE. Let me know what you think -

It looks great!! I'm so excited to play as FemShep, and to see the new content once it's finished. :D