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the bush makes a flower the next day, when you find it it's the end of the game (he finally find something he likes) , the dry rose is a side quest :D, I like to put things that aren't useful in my games and You can take a piss (open the toilet) the day 5 or 2 (i don't remember right now), Music and Fx would have been cool; that's right but I didn't have the time, maybe for a post-compo.... graphics are made with InkScape (Tim's portrait too ;) ) Kinda depressing yeah,,, it is based on a "huis clos" style story. Thanx for playing :)

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Damn, so i was pretty close to beating the game. So the Dry Rose is a side quest, how do you use it? And im sure i visited the toilet some day you could not interact with it and assumed it was like that for every day.