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Oh... I think you are halfway between where I initially thought you were, and where I then thought you were!!

There are a row of buttons next to where Floyd is standing in the hotel - you use the flying hand on this so it keeps those buttons pressed for you - this opens up all but the top floor of the hotel. 

Indeed, that was it! God in heaven, I totally missed these buttons... but, as I'm quite embarassed to confess, I still don't know what to do against that french-accented bastard in the glowing forcefield-circle. I screamed at him with the megaphone but the guy still doesn't take me seriously... I'll try again this evening, but I'm thankful for every tiny hint. ;)

By the way: I really enjoy these games, I especially love voice and dialect of the hero. Absolutely hilarious! :D I hope there are more games in the pipeline. :)

It sounds like maybe you haven't talked to Floyd about it?  Don't forget anything you have looked at, you can talk to Floyd about, and he sometimes has helpful info...

(In retrospect this was a terrible design decision but it was part o a learning curve! :-D)

Glad you're enjoying the game and even my cheesy voice acting.

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The cheesy voice acting is one of my favourite parts in both games! :)

Well, I'm still clueless about what to do. I talked with Floyd about everything. I've collected the stuff in the hotel rooms but I don't know what to do with it. The only remaining mysteries (as far as I can guess) are the Bjork-cube (the slot), the large hole in the south-eastern part of the map and Mr. French-accent-guy in his green force field. I'm terribly sorry to bother you again and again - but I don't think there is a written walkthrough somewhere (I haven't found any).

Sorry I'm not sure what you need to do next and have a terrible headache right now, so in just going to point you towards the walkthrough:

Glad you like the VA! :-) 

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Man you're fast! :O Thank you for the walkthrough, I didn't know it exists. I won't bother you any longer, I swear. ;) Get well soon! :)

edit: btw I feel like the last idiot on earth finding the walkthrough link just in the other thread of this forum... good god, I'm getting old.

Haha don't worry, we're all getting old! ;-D

Also it's no bother at all - I'm just glad to know that someone's playing my game.!

Hi there Dave!

Indeed, we just have to accept it I guess. ;)

I finished TDSotM yesterday night and found it a very satisfying experience overall. In some situations I didn't know what to do to progress further, but most puzzles were fine for me. Graphics fitted very well, sound and music were just perfect for me. I also liked the fact that the game concentrates almost the whole narration on the main map and that there is much to discover. And I just love that character of Captain Disaster, I'm really happy I still have DHAMSB to play. May I ask if you plan future games in the same vein?

Hi there - really glad you enjoyed it!

As well as the 2 games you know about and 3 ebooks, there is another game planned - - but production is very slow atm for various reasons.  I also have another short story in the works.

For the entire CD universe so far you can check this thread -

Also the official website -

Thanks again!