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Hi there Dave!

Indeed, we just have to accept it I guess. ;)

I finished TDSotM yesterday night and found it a very satisfying experience overall. In some situations I didn't know what to do to progress further, but most puzzles were fine for me. Graphics fitted very well, sound and music were just perfect for me. I also liked the fact that the game concentrates almost the whole narration on the main map and that there is much to discover. And I just love that character of Captain Disaster, I'm really happy I still have DHAMSB to play. May I ask if you plan future games in the same vein?

Hi there - really glad you enjoyed it!

As well as the 2 games you know about and 3 ebooks, there is another game planned - - but production is very slow atm for various reasons.  I also have another short story in the works.

For the entire CD universe so far you can check this thread -

Also the official website -

Thanks again!