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Really love the idea of this one! Music and visuals are great too.

Would like for some kind of small feedback when you hover over an interactable item (e.g. slightly scaling up the item size) and so the room feels more alive (and if you expanded it further, some little animations e.g. when you click on the cat). Also, pretty hard to hit the first note in the sequence and some of the timing is slightly off, but I'm sure you know that.

I can definitely see this idea being expanded further with more levels!

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Thanks for the feedback Xavier :) I also think the hidden object part of the game could do with expansion. I'll look into improving the first note thing, I think that's a common problem and quite frustrating as if you miss it you have to wait until it loops round to do have a chance of completing it.  Also I'll work on getting the timing  to feel tighter.