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Fun idea but the AI seems pretty bad even at 4 stars (e.g. killing their pieces on the spikes or letting them be captured when it's avoidable). I'm enjoying it otherwise but the lack of difficulty makes it feel tedious on larger boards.

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Hello! The AI is intentionally a bit predictable with the pawns. Would be smart to see if the next tile would be a dangerous one to step on. For higher value pieces there is a bit more going on when it comes to evaluating their next move.

Good to know about larger boards! I can put it in my notes to mess with the pacing a bit more.

Glad you're enjoying it otherwise, thanks for the feedback!

It's a lot of fun but I still have 100% win rate so I'm worried I'll get bored of it. Have you considered adding a human vs human mode?

I hear ya! Some people I tested the game with struggled a bit, but others understand how chess works a bit better :) I'd love to add a local multiplayer mode, but that would definitely be a huge task the way things are coded currently. Might be a fun thing to try in the future! :D

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So I've managed to find a couple bugs. They tend to show up after having played a few games already.

The first one I ran to was on the 8th board. When I started the level I tried dragging a piece (over a spike but I'm not sure if that would matter) and when I released it didn't recognize the move, and even after quitting the level and restarting it I couldn't make a move (or any any other level). Once I restarted the game things worked fine again.

Edit: I'm running into this one every second or third board now. The first game is always fine, the second is 50/50 on whether the first move can be placed or not.

Another time I moved a knight piece and the arrow from its hint stayed on the board for a few more moves (it was towards the end so I won before anything more interesting happened. 

I think both times were related to dragging a piece and dropping it at a weird place (or time?). Minor issues since a reboot fixes it but might be something to look into.

Also RE: the AI, the last level is great example of how completely inept they are (especially regarding the extra obstacles). The only way to lose is to not win, there's no way for the AI pawns to ever make it to the opposite side.

I appreciate the detailed reports! I really do appreciate it.

Thanks for the info on the bugs too. I'm having trouble recreating them on my computer, but you aren't the first to tell me about some general weirdness happening in between boards and with piece moving. I'll keep digging through the code and see if I have some issues with how pieces are picked up and released.

Been a tough few months for me here so I haven't had much time to mess with the game after the initial release, but these suggestions are definitely going on the list for when I do get to them.

Thanks again! :D

Adding to this, in later levels with enough hazards, I can just continue skipping turns to gather material while the enemy kills itself, then I make a tower that goes from one end to the next avoiding everything, turn it back into a pawn, and move it to the final tile all in one turn. Rinse and repeat unbeatable strategy.

Hah! Yeah I know how to smarten up the AI a bit, I've just been on vacation the past week so I haven't had much of a chance to jam on it yet :)