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Thanks very much! Hope you can get some great use out of them :)

Heck yeah! Hope you can get some great use out of it and if you get it in a rhythm game I'd love to see it :)

That's a neat game! It's surprisingly tough to aim at those far out asteroids (not a fault of your game, just a trick of the eyes) :D

I'm glad you had fun with it :)

congrats on the release! Seems like a neat game :)

One would argue super cool :D

Thank you very much! I'm looking forward to getting back to work on it in December. Try to finish off a more complete build :)

Thanks! Hope you get some good use out of them :)

Glad they worked for you! :)

Thank you! Always great to hear that :)

Hi! Yes, you're allowed to use the music with attribution, thanks for asking :)

Woah that looks fantastic! Love the 1-bit art style :D

You're welcome! The game looks great, love me some good Asteroids action :)

Yea I dunno what happened. I clicked on an off the window a few times and it didn't work, then i left a comment and THEN it finally worked haha. Was a fun game! I think I got like 52 points

(1 edit)

The controls don't seem to be working for me? I'm playing in Chrome, does that make a difference?

EDIT: Apparently me, letting you know was all it took to fix it, seems to be working now? That was weird.

Hello! You can definitely convert these to MP3 if you need to, but be aware that most MP3 files do not loop perfectly and you might have a small gap at the loop point. I would suggest the OOG file format instead.

Have a great day!

Hello! You are absolutely welcome to convert these files to another format. However, keep in mind that MP3 files do not always loop seamlessly; you might have a small gap at the loop point in the song.

Thanks for the kind words! Have a great day

These are great! Thanks for the credits :)

This is super cool! Love the concept :D

There is a link on the page to a soundcloud playlist that will give you samples of the songs. I definitely have some smoothy jazzy stuff in there :)

Hello! You definitely can use the music :) Thanks for reaching out. If you have a link to the game I'd love to see it!

Thanks for letting me know! Can't go wrong with a good Pong game :)

haha you monster 🤣

This is great! Love the concept :D Glad the game ended when it did because I sure wasn't looking forward to fighting that boss :P

This is great, I scored 24950 :D

Thanks for your support! I don't have an iDevice so I can't check it out, but I trust you 😎 Looks like a chill game from the screenshots!

This is a cool one, I like you're getting more stylistic with 'em :D

Thank you for playing! I'm really glad that you had fun with it. Always fun to watch people figure out the game for the first time :D

Credits on the game page is perfectly fine, thanks for sharing! :D I like the name of your game, it's deceptively tough!

The pace at which you put these out is frankly disgusting :P

I do like picross! These were fun puzzles. I've made a Picross game before and I know how tough it is parsing all those inputs out. Works really well :)

Yeah absolutely! If there's space somewhere, I'd appreciate credit for the music, but you can definitely use it for that :)

Heya! Sounds like a fun project! :)

If you don't want to do a recurring thing like Patreon, you are welcome to "buy" the loop bundle as a donation as well at whatever amount you feel is fair. Patreon is great because I offer a new song or two every week for people, but I understand that a repeating commitment like that isn't for everyone.

If you do subscribe to the Patreon though, you're welcome to use the songs after you stop subscribing. I don't want to police how people use the music, just make avenues for support me to make more music in the future :)

Feel free to reach out if you have more questions, happy to chat about it!


Thanks so much! I hope you find some great uses for the songs :)

I'm so happy you're still enjoying the game! You might be one of the first people who are actually going after everything :) The subtle tell is the exit gate only has platinum (grayscale) particles coming from it.  Since you haven't gotten it yet in 04, you can see an example of it there. Once you achieve platinum, it'll go back to normal rainbow particles, so you can just put the level on loop mode and keep trying.

That's pretty amazing! Great work. Being procedurally generated, some of the levels were very easy and some got to be REALLY tough, I imagine you tested out all the chunks though :) Love the variety of backgrounds you used.

This is awesome! I love the art style and the main logo is super cute :D I didn't have anyone else around to play the game with me, but the controls felt pretty good! I'm happy you like the music, thanks for sharing with me.

This is a really interesting premise! I was able to play it a little bit this morning and I like the setting and tone you have with it. The blurring around the edges gets tough to read some of the text, but considering the subject matter of the story, it kinda fits too?

Thank you! I'm glad you had fun with it. I have a few ideas on more level mechanics, so maybe some day I'll get back to it. In the meantime I'm working on another kind of game :)

I'm on a business trip for the next few days so I won't be able to look into it until early next week, but I definitely will :D