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The attribution is great. I love the idea of being able to move pieces anywhere as long as there's a clear path for them to move!

Thanks for the feedback! I'm still working on this in my time. I want to get a proper gameplay loop going with different enemies and stuff :)

Yay! Math to the rescue. Thanks for confirming :)

Heya! I just posted a new version that should fix your issue, let me know if you're still running into problems and I'll just make the window resizeable. I just want to avoid that if possible because Unity's canvas is kind of a pain in the butt with variable window sizes :)

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Heya! Looking forward to checking this one out, but could you please remove the artist's email address from the game and the itch description? That was meant so you could get in touch with them if you needed to :)

I love the art style on this! Thanks for letting me know; it's always fun to see how people use the music :)

Thanks for the feedback on that; I tried to keep the window options simple because it's a big pain to manage, but obviously it's not easy when monitors are all different sizes. I'll try to figure out a better solution on this :)

I love the suggestions! Definitely writing them down. Thanks for playing, glad you had fun with it :)

Heya! Thanks for the feedback :) This is my first time using Unity effect volumes so I definitely think things need to be tuned a bit more on that front. I like the general style it gives but I agree it can be a lot.

I definitely have some ideas on lore and progression. Hope to get to that over the next few months when I have time :D

Thanks! I'm looking forward to messing with it more in the future :D

Thank you! I wish I had the time to make a few more enemies to better show the game's progression, but rest assured I'll get to that in the coming months :)

Next time we do the jam I'll be sure to make things a bit more clear to understand! :D

No worries! I think minor edits like that is totally acceptable.  Thanks for updating it! :)

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If there isn't a link, you can just include the artist's name. There is a PDF included in the OST ZIP file with all this info too :) 

I'll make sure to change the wording on this a bit next time to make things more clear!

If this is a submission for the OST Jam, please include the artist links to the songs you used in the game page description.

If you mention the artist links are inside the game in the description it should be fine. It's nice to include it in the game description, but if it's super long I agree it's a bit of a pain haha

If this is for the OST Jam you need to release the game for free and also include the names and links for the songs you used.

If this game is part of the OST Jam, could you please include the musician's info in your game description? Thanks :)

It would be appreciated to credit the artists in the game description as well if possible yeah :) Putting it in the game itself is awesome too!

Awesome! Thanks for the quick response, though could you please remove the email address? Those are for if you want to get in touch with the artist and not public info :)

Please be sure to include the musician's names and websites in your game description! Looking forward to checking this out once the jam is over and I have time :)

Heya! Yea, I was thinking about expanding this game into the more traditional roguelike genre. Create rooms to explore and build up a run over time instead of just one room. Maybe a future project!

I should re-write that section honestly. Basically I want to avoid things like hate speech and other things that might attack a group of people. Violence like in Doom, or non-explicit sexual content is fine. Thanks for the question I'll try to rewrite that today :)

Please don't submit this game to game jams you didn't participate in.

I think that's totally fair! Twine are still games. You can even provide links to the Bandcamp page for the album ( if you wanted people to listen along with the narrative.

This is a great idea, can't wait to see what you come up with :)

As much as I'd love to say yes, trying to manage that much data would be really tough. I encourage people to include extra layers and versions of their audio, but I don't want to make it a requirement for submission. You can always reach out to the artists directly and ask them, their contact info is included in the readme PDF file :)

Heya! You're welcome to share the game afterward. I mainly wanted to express that the musicians are donating their music to the game jam and not to a commercial game that may come from the jam after. If you wanted to keep working on your game and eventually sell it, you'll need to contact the artist and figure out licensing.

Sorry if my wording wasn't clear!

Heya! As many as you like, the only limitation is using some of the music we'll provide :)

Heya! Yes, you can use any engine you want, the only requirement is you use some of the music provided when the challenge starts :D

Yup! The only limitation is you need to use the music provided, everything else is good to go :)

Heya! I'd say that if you are streaming doing game development and stuff, you are welcome to stream the music. After the game jam, you'd have to talk to the individual artists and get their permission because I don't control how they release music :)

Thank you! Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with this time around :D

I'm really happy to hear that they work for you :D I'll have to check out the game

Awesome, I'll have to check it out!

The music provided is the inspiration for the game being made, yes :)

That is a really good question! I think it will be OK as long as you still include the original artist's information too.

Hi there! It's a huge variety from ambient chillout to upbeat EDM to just weird experimental stuff. If you wanted to listen to the music that was submitted to the OST Jam Vol 1, you can check out the album that was made by the community here:

Hi there, the music will be made available in a ZIP download when the jam starts. It'll be written during the Two Hour Album Challenge on April 9-11 :)