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Great little micro tower defense game. Really enjoyed it :D

Thanks for letting me know! I really like the art you have for the game, even if I can't read it 😅 Have a great day!

That's a great little game! I love all the mechanics you added with the later levels. It was a bit tough to move diagonally on the level with the sun. Overall it was a fun puzzle game though :D Thanks for sharing!

You are welcome! Thanks for letting me know about it. Always happy to see where these songs end up :) The game looks cool too; I haven't seen an infinite runner with a shoot button before!

I figured it was an intentional thing and maybe it works better with a controller because there isn't that snap back and forth. I think an option to either disable it, or maybe manage the amount of time before it snaps back to center, could be good. :)

I really dig this concept! Playing with keyboard and mouse is a little disorientating though because the game wants to snap to centering on the player, but every time you move the mouse, the camera snaps to a middle point between the player and mouse cursor. Makes aiming very difficult XD

Switching up the twin stick shooter concept with randomizing your weapon every time you take damage is super cool though! I also really like the art style you have going on here.

Could you please include the musician's info in your game notes somewhere?

There isn't a whole lot of info on what to do in this game but I like the art of the octopus and how its tentacles articulate :D

Dang the amount of graphics and narrative that went into this is super cool! I really enjoy how the intro sequence was synced to the music :)

Don't you hate it when developers add a bunch of invisible walls to give the player the illusion of choice? :P

This is such a cool concept! I love the style and just the design of using mimes to navigate through an invisible maze.

One little gripe is sometimes the ball gets stuck in a corner and I had a hard time getting it out of there. Was a bunch of fun though! 

Looks really cool! Love the pixel art style. I'll give it a try :D

Thanks for letting me know! These games are great :)

Love the design and aesthetic to this one. I got stuck on the red/blue puzzle with the 4 boxes. Great job! :D

This is super cool! Very challenging but I beat the first five levels or so. Great concept :D

You're welcome! I'm glad the music helped. The dish washing mini game was fun. Just as tough as doing real dishes XD

So glad you are keeping with this one! I love the idea. I'll have to check out the new version :D

Congrats on getting a game released :D I'm glad you're enjoying the songs

Awesome! I'll have to check it out. Glad you've been enjoying the tunes :D

Thanks for playing! :D

Absolutely welcome to use the music, thank you for asking! Feel free to send me a link when it goes online too. I love visual novel games and would be happy to give it a peek :)

muy bien! Mi Español es no grande :)

You can use the music, thank you for asking. Gracias!

I'm glad you had fun with it! I love watching people figure out the mechanics of the game :D

This is a great little game! A bit difficult to control, but with no time pressure it's OK to make some mistakes and try again. The last few levels got really tough, but I beat it :)

This is great! Had a fun time with it :D

Things are going well now, thanks for asking! I had a kidney stone back in late April and needed a procedure to remove it. Long recovery time and all that.

Hopefully I found and squashed this bug once and for all, but I guess we'll see :D

nice 👌

So happy to hear you are enjoying the songs! :D Gave a peek to the game page and it looks really cool! Will try to give it a shot this weekend :)

Boy that gets hard real fast with multipliers on! Fun game :)

I'm happy that you found it again! Thanks for the nice words on the music too, I'm glad you like them! Feel free to link any games you've made using the music, I always love checking 'em out :)

I  hope you have  fun with it! It has a few bugs I've been trying to find a solution for but they've remained pretty elusive. I'll find 'em some day :D

This is a super cool idea! I'll have to give it a try. I think this was kind of what I wanted my game Pawndemonium to be before I scope creeped it into oblivion 😅

Hah! I hear ya. The Kraken boss was made in like 30 minutes with only a few hours left in the jam. I am hoping to make it a bit more interesting.

Definitely want to add some screen shake and other "juice" to the game because I really want to finish the concept out. That and sound effects. That'll really help the game too. I know what the other three bosses will be. Just gotta make them! :)

Thanks very much :D

This is a great little papers-please-like(?) I really like how the time element is from your phone battery. I got only 5 fish, but it was fun to cross reference everything.

Just add AI bots and multiplayer how hard could it be? 🤷‍♀️

Now I just need some friends 😭

In all seriousness, though, the amount of polish you put into this is incredible! It seems to run really smoothly and it was fun to run around even by myself just to see what it was like. :)

I adore the design of this game! I ran into the same issue a Charles where I hit that checkpoint and I could no longer jump so I was kinda stuck. Having said that, this game was very hard! I appreciate the difficulty options in the settings. Was a very nice way to give players like me a chance :) haha

First I gotta commend you on such a cool looking main menu! So much style :)

This is a really sweet story, I love how you bring the metaphors around and tell a story about families. The art style is very cute too :D

Woah that escalates quickly! XD

Really love this, I enjoy how the music changes once you get to the 6 enemies!

Controls feel great too, though I tend to lose my mouse in the chaos. It's pretty easy to add a custom mouse cursor in Unity. Might want to look into adding something with some contrast if you plan to continue working on it!

It's great though, I was never good at bullet hell games but I'm glad I made it to the big fight (even though I lost haha)

This is absolutely beautiful work. I love how vivid the writing is and the music selection is great. Was a really nice choice to change text color for every jump to set a difference scene. Wonderful job!

Thank you! I have a few more enemy ideas to round out the rest of the game. I just ran out of time with the jam because of health issues :)