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Yes that would be cool, but good luck getting it out there before October 1st.

Yeah, it probably won't be out there that soon. But I'm having fun making it, and I've made better progress than I would have expected.

What language are you going to make the standard within your GBJAM IDE?

I am using Haxe and Kha to make this engine, and so I'm using hscript ( a more limited version of Haxe ) for my IDE. This is mostly out of convenience. If I decide to keep working on this I may switch to a different language.

I have just uploaded my current progress to Github. There's still a lot of work that needs to be done.

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It took the pico8 guy a few years... ;)

Well... that's a really good point. So far it feels like I'm making really good progress though. We'll see if it's in a usable state by the time the Jam rolls around :)