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love the Cactuses(?) Cacti(?!) Cactodes in this, so pleasing to the eye.

Love that you can walk around this one

love it


please don't hurt me but is there any chance of a mac version coming one day or not really?

this is really something else! Very nice


Thanks! The lengths we go to to make a PC infinitely more powerful than a GB recreate its visuals ><

Thanks for playing with a controller! I loved those sections in Star Fox, tried recreate bits I found interesting in the time I had. 

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks! Those are my inspirations for sure, classic games.

Thanks! I'll pass this on to the audio guy

Thanks! Standing on the shoulders of giants for the gameplay. I've long been interested in 8-bit 3D so it was very cathartic to make.

Thanks! A lot of the development time went into that area so thank you for noticing.

Loved the sense of exploration in this one, I even made it to the boss (I think?)! Great music and great feeling overall!

Thanks! Aiming and moving at the same time is one of those things eh... its a bit easier on an analogue joystick.

Thanks! I asked Falco and gave me the look so it remains on the cutting room floor!


You can toggle inverted controls by pressing "i" on the keyboard. 

I believe you! Thats an impressive score


I wanted to add more variety to the enemies, like ones that fly in and ones that appear from nowhere in longer enemy only areas. In the end, Time was the only enemy I faced! :) 

Thanks for the comment!

Theres no deflection of bullets programmed in the game, but its a great idea and I’d love to add one day. 

Glad it tickled your brain! putting the superFX logo on my cover image may have been a step too far ;) thanks for playing

Really solid game, and a boss fight! I enjoyed this.

ditto! or Web

really liked this, possibly my favorite in the Jam, can imagine it easily being on the gameboy and good game for whiling the away the time.

Possibly mention that you need to press A & S alternately to mine, I almost gave up trying to play with A, luckily I kept at it!

press A then S then A then S etc alternately to mine!

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This look great! I really want to play this! Any chance of a web or mac build?

This is really nice! I wanted to read the sign, what does it say?

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heres my highscore, lets see if anyone can beat that

Really nice presentation, and quite challenging!

oooh I really want to play this! Any chance of a web or mac build?

This is great! I really enjoyed the Crazy Taxi vibes in 2D, makes for compelling gameplay.

This is great! I was a bit surprised that dashing backwards would end the game but rules are rules I guess! If there was more screen real-estate it would be nice to see what is consuming the level.


Hey thanks for the video! I change the controls so you don't need to press your mute button anymore. The game is randomly generated, theres no end.


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it's nice but theres no ammo for the gun? It just says charging when pressing mouse 2. Mouse 1 does nothing. Any advice welcomed!

any mac love?

difficulty is great! There seems to be a bug in the UI when you beat the chainsaw guy and the game repeats