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why is it not free :( come on 


indie developers deserve to make some cash too! $5 isn't an unreasonable amount for a well-made indie game. 


Well then they should at least have a free demo. To make sure this game is the kind game someone actually wants before putting money in. With that said, I'm buying it and I'll let know if it's what i thought you was.


Devs are not obligated to do that. Demos are a bonus. Watch a gameplay video to decide if you want it.


1. Gameplay footage counts as a demo.

2. Demos are not bonus in any sense what so ever.

3. Developers should be the ones to promote their works. Not third party Let's Players.


I didn't even think to do a demo. Maybe in the future though :)

I did do a gameplay live stream you can check out.  I start playing at 7:11

I have two words of advice to any developer when it comes advertising a video game: Vertical Slice.

Make a  demo, weather it be playable or video, that has every feature you think is important to the game. Puzzle solving, combat, stealth, etc.

Also, if you do a video be sure you show the button inputs, best as ingame graphics even if it's not in the final version(people won't notice it but it'll help a lot.

Good advice, especially the button inputs part. I would have never thought to do that.

De rein.

Let me know if you ever want play tester, test audience, or voice acting(i have a high quality microphone, I'll do it for free, and this offers goes any game developer).

Also, my review. i didn't get far into the game. the visual are hard to see, which i know is the point but it makes the game uncomfortable to look at. I came across a dude with a knife just standing in the very first path and nothing happened. I was spooked at first, but then just confused. I'll try again but unless there's a way to make the image sharper i don't know how far ill go.

There are multiple camera modes in the menu. Have you tried PSX? That one is the clearest

Puppet Combo please give me the game for free please i really want to play it

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