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This was a really interesting experience! I was very much captivated by the story and I loved the overall aesthetics and eerie, lonely atmosphere. (the mine left me feeling particularly unsettled.) The cult and it's compound felt disturbingly realistic. Great job, it's certainly put me off joining a cult any time soon! 

this was adorable, i'm always glad to help out a spooky pal. 👻🖤

indie developers deserve to make some cash too! $5 isn't an unreasonable amount for a well-made indie game. 

I loved this! The gameplay was just challenging enough to make it fun without being overly frustrating and I adored the VHS-style visuals. The atmosphere was charming and the cowpeople were hilariously creepy. I'll absolutely be keeping an eye out for more of your five-minute horrors, great job!

I really enjoyed this! You did a great job at creating an interesting horror atmosphere in a short span of time. The sound design and aesthetics were very well done. I'm a big fan of your Youtube channel, and I'll absolutely be keeping my eye out for any of your future game releases!

This was absolutely adorable and charming! I loved the music and the aesthetic. You did a great job of making a simple, short story fun and interesting!

Oh, and give your cat some love from me! 

This was absolutely beautiful and I found the story itself and the way it was presented to be wonderfully done. Very thought provoking with a lovely, touching ending. Great job!

This was a very fun and interesting take on classic shooters! I really enjoyed the gameplay and the aesthetics, good job! 

I thoroughly enjoyed this! I admire the way you interspersed serious thoughts within surreal comedy and had me laughing and confronting my own personal issues at the same time. I loved and was entertained by every station I came across, and I found the way in which you presented this story very interesting and unique. I'll definitely be checking out your other works! 

This is great to hear! Paratopic was an excellent experience, and I'm looking forward to more! 

This was such a lovely & relaxing experience! I adore the art style & the music is wonderful as well. I'll definitely be checking out the full version, nice work! 

I've been searching for something like this, and it's quickly become one of my favourite things I've played on here! You captured the nostalgic feeling of a basement hangout room so well, and I love it. I'll definitely be heading back downstairs whenever I need to get away for a bit. Great work.

Signed up for the newsletter, thanks! 

I'm a huge sucker for anything occult and VHS-style graphics, so I absolutely loved this.  It had a really nice aesthetic and charm to it, definitely one of my favourite games I've come across lately! 

Very cool! It was nice to just take some time and get lost in the music & lights. Definitely a short but interesting little psychedelic experience, nice job! 

as someone who also struggles to make things, all these little thoughts definitely resonated with me. i find the bit in 5 about  personal & authentic creations having value despite their oddness particularly important, as that's something i often forget. 

and thanks for the birds, they were indeed very cool.

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this was so cute! thank you for allowing me to finally achieve my one true dream.

These were great! The visuals of the neon city were some of my favourites I've seen in a game, and I loved the eerie, lonely atmosphere of 1.7. I'm really inspired by the dreamscapes you've created here. I'll definitely be checking out 0°N 0°W! 

this was a very endearing little game! i really loved the music & the collage-style look of it. i don't often drink tea, but i made a cup especially for this. <3

I found this to be quite beautiful & visually stunning. You've done a great job at creating something compelling and inspiring, and your use of audio made this a very atmospheric little experience. I'm looking forward to your future projects! 

This was a lovely experience! The visuals were gorgeous and I really admire the relaxing, dream-like atmosphere you've created. I look forward to your future projects! 

This had a wonderful charm to it! I enjoy the little world you've created here so far. The music and graphics were lovely as well. It would be great to see this expanded someday, I can see a lot of potential! 

I loved this! All the art was beautiful. Great job to all the contributors. <3 

I really enjoyed this! Very eerie and fun. I'll be tuning in to the next episode ;)

Very relaxing, and the music was beautiful. Great job!

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Loved the visuals, very relaxing. <3

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Absolutely beautiful! I really enjoyed the visuals & the music.  Very well done!