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Hi, please email me so I can help: ben [at] puppetcombo. com

I'm the person who made  the game. I changed the name of the studio to Puppet Combo because Pig Farmer Productions is trademarked and I didn't want to get in trouble for using it

It ships in about a day

Yes, sometime in January

It's not going on steam

However you'd like to send it is fine

Please email me at ben [at] puppetcombo. com so I can help. Thanks

It's out

Not yet but controller support will be added in the future.

I had so much going on with Stay Out of the House I had to postpone it. Planning on picking up PDM again next year

Hi, the link works on patreon, you just have to sign up for $5 or more and you get all my games. It's probably going to remain exclusive on there.

There isn't an official release date for Stay out of the House yet.  It's not going to be out on the 27th either. The story and gameplay for early access version will be finished this month, but it'll need further polishing for steam, plus I have to setup achievements, trading cards and all that

It should be out the first half of next year

If you don't come back, the nun wins

Yes, there are multiple camera filters. Some are clearer than others

Thanks :) It's just editing in Gimp or photoshop. And looking at references for the style. Spooky Halloween to you too!

Hi, no not yet. I will be adding it in the future

Damn, that is lagging. Have you tried playing without video capture and/or with the 'fastest' quality? Please email me your computer specs if you can. I'll try to further optimize the game in an update. Thanks :)

There are multiple camera modes in the menu. Have you tried PSX? That one is the clearest

Good advice, especially the button inputs part. I would have never thought to do that.

I didn't even think to do a demo. Maybe in the future though :)

I did do a gameplay live stream you can check out.  I start playing at 7:11

Wrong, I beat it! But only once

Email me: ben [at]

Hi, I 'm ecstatic to share my latest game release The Nun Massacre. I hope you guys enjoy. It's part classic survival horror, part stealth, and 100% madness

A letter has arrived at your house under mysterious circumstances... your daughter has fallen ill at boarding school. As you make the road trip to pick her up a storm blows in and the road is blocked. You continue on foot through the woods and all hell soon breaks loose.

Hide from the PSYCHOPATHIC nun at all costs! She hungers for BLOOD and you are the next course! A PS1 style stealth horror game

  • Stealth horror gameplay
  • 5th gen graphics. It looks like a lost Playstation 1 game!
  • Pick your preferred image format - VHS, black & white or psx
  • There are multiple endings and secrets to unlock in the NUN'S nightmarish lair

Link to the game:

You can download it where the main game files are

To be announced once the steam page is up 

Yes. The full version coming this October. To itch and steam. Steam keys will be sent to everyone who's purchased so far. September will be the last chance to get it cheap 

You'll need 7-zip to unpack the game:

Sorry, I don't always see when there are new comments here. It's best to contact me at ben [at] so I can help you directly. Please provide as much information as you can such as what security software you are using. Thanks!

Have you tried installing directplay?

Have you tried installing directplay?

Have you tried these ?

You can also contact support at