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Hi, try the Mac instructions here:

I'm not sure but please try the tips here:

Yes, Patreon

All my games are on there.


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The troubleshooting page is the best way I know how to explain installing it

Start at step 4 on the infographic


Installing this game just means extracting the zip file. Have you tried 7-zip?

Can you explain what isn't working?

Can you explain what isn't working?

Actually with Mac, the games will work but you'll need to launch them separately rather than from the main executable because of the Mac file structure. 

No one knows

Try the instructions here:

Thanks to you and Cory!

If you still have access to your old account, you can log in and find it in

If you can't get into your old account, please email and they should be able to help.

Great! What did you edit?

Hi, are you extracting everything out of the zip before playing?

Hi, have you tried the instructions on the troubleshooting page?



It's says that just for aesthetic. It's referring to video tape tracking

If you're playing on Mac, you'll have to start the games from their actual game folders unfortunately.

Try following the installation instructions. It's got nothing to do with directplay. You have to unzip the files before running the game. I can't give support in the comments section for obvious reasons but you can find my email on the support page:

Hi, try the instructions at

Can you contact me at the support email? You should be able to find it with the game at

Hell yeah

Thanks for the comments. I haven't receive any other reports of the game crashing in the backyard like that, so it could be a fluke. I think most issues with the game are due to antivirus interference. Adding it to your antivirus exceptions should have. Did you press enter after typing a file name while saving?

Hi, please try the instructions here:

There will be a new one coming soon.


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Use the vhs tape on the vcr

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No, it doesn't mean you don't have rights. It's probably a server issue. I'd recommend downloading it with the app at or you could contact site support at

Stay out of the sugar tunnel

Yes, try this link:
The should all be in your library.

I'm not sure, I don't have a mac to test it on

Hi, try this install guide:

Hi, try running it in a lower quality mode during the start up dialogue screen

Send me your email address and I should be able to help.

Glad it worked! Hope you enjoy

Have you had any luck with it yet? I have not tried the game on linux mint 

That is the most common complaint. If you speed run it, you should be able to get back to that point in about 5 minutes