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Sorry to hear that, email

Unplug your controllers and use the keyboard

It's impossible to make this game compatible with Mac and Linux but it could be played through an emulator potentially.

Can you message for a refund?

The game works in Windows 10 for most people, I've verified it myself. but a few people have not been able to get it running on their specific set up no matter what. In that case, I recommend refunding

Hi, only Windows is possible.

Email and I'll see what I can do while you wait.

I'm not sure what the issue would be then. I don't have any direct control of the site, I just sell games here. Can you try emailing ?


It should be in your library

When do I break my word?

I don't think so. It's was made as a single player game so most of it would have to be re-coded to work as multiplayer.

Yes, I'll be posted here where the current version is now. I believe it'll be an automatic update if you have the itchio app. If not, you can just download it when it's out.

Because the antivirus is lying

There's a flashlight you can use.


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Try updating your PC and drivers, that should fix things.

Try this:

You can email


Because I have to pay for rent and food.

Maybe try updating your video drivers. It could be an issue with your graphics card.


It's on patreon:

There's no release date announced for Stay out of the House

Try this

I made it, finished it and released it.

Email ?


Try this

git gud

thats what the doctor said when you were born

You can only see the page if you buy it


Sounds like it's not installed correctly. Here are some instructions for installation:


I think so

If you log into your account you should be able to download it again.

Sure, try the instructions for mac here:

Hi, try the Mac instructions here:

I'm not sure but please try the tips here:

Yes, Patreon

All my games are on there.


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The troubleshooting page is the best way I know how to explain installing it

Start at step 4 on the infographic