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Sorry about that, this version of the engine is janky asf. This video had me finished though lmao! New demo is on the way and it should be mostly bug free. Thanks for playing!

That was a good play through, this version of the engine didn't age well though and the end message isn't showing up properly. Thanks for playing though!

Thanks! I was hoping it would also remind you of SH's transitional nightmares lol. I aim to greatly improve the concept!

I'll definitely check that out as well. Thanks for that info and thanks for playing!

Thank you; the ending was hilarious btw! The upcoming demo will be bringing the same vibes, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing!

Thank you! And don't worry the game is now first person as it fits the format better than third person. The game was developed on an old version of the engine that has aged terribly (fortunately, I've upgraded since). The restart screen upon death doesn't show up at all, and sadly neither does the end message. However, all will be improved in the upcoming demo!

Devs are not obligated to do that. Demos are a bonus. Watch a gameplay video to decide if you want it.

Awesome stuff

Its a great concept, but the openess makes it boring. This would be better with paved pathways, almost like a  rollercoaster with different paths the player can take, and the levels can be made of beautiful set pieces, instead of plain open deserts. Maybe mix up the environments with different maps?

Great gameplay for the most part! It could use some input response time and hit box improvements for pro players though.



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Recent gameplay capture

Can you please make a sequel. This was fucking amazing.

Thank you for the feedback! This is more of a graphics and atmosphere demonstration of the game than anything else, but a full game is in development and the next update will be early October! A longer demo should also be released just in time for Halloween.

Thank you so much for appreciating that! It was difficult getting the features to work in unision, as blender is known to lack major performance capabilities.

And there are no plans to have customizable graphics options as of yet, still learning how to implement those and its a mess lol. But the following updates will include 2 separate executables that will run in different resolutions, one low and one high. Thanks for inquiring!

Download the fixed copy!