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Hey there! The visuals look amazing, I really like your work! Player experience - wise, however, I think this game achieves the exact opposite from what you're saying.

As a player, you don't pay attention to the good thoughts - it's the bad ones you have to focus on. A couple minutes into it, I found myself completely ignoring anything positive, and struggling not to be overcome by the negative ones. 

Other than that, great work!

TBH i think that was the point, the game tells you to focus on the good thoughts but the gameplay requires you to focus on bad thoughts so it makes the player think the good thoughts are the point, however this is a Silent hill demake meaning its going to be dark and sad.

You are right.I noticed that once I finished the game.  Maybe playing the game will stress you more but at the end the message is that you need to get rid of the bad thoughts. 

Focusing only on the positive might give the message that you should ignore bad thoughts, which is not at all how you should deal with them. Although I do agree, that focusing only on the negative is also not healthy.